Michelle Obama Unwittingly Promotes Convenience Stores

My kids and I were watching some silly program on cartoon network the other night. Let me rephrase that accurately. They were watching as I suffered through – but hey – I'm a dad, and that's what we do.

During the program, the inevitable commercials began to air. As the first one came up, my son exclaimed, "Oh look, McDonald's sells apples and milk – and that's it." To that his brother said, "Yeah, they don't sell hamburgers anymore. Stupid government."

Gee, that was like looking in a mirror. Wonder where they learned that?

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Well this began a discussion of the school lunch/snack programs. It seems new government guidelines were instituted, and the kids are none too happy. One of my sons said he doesn't know a single kid that isn't angry over the "healthy food" changes. He said, "Dad, it's ridiculous. They used to have pop tarts in the cafeteria." He likes pop tarts. "This year – nothing. They took them out."

I asked him what he and his friends do now. He said that when they have some free time during the day, they walk a couple blocks to the convenience store. "Guess what," he said. "They sell pop tarts."

My other son told me that in his school they used to have a bakery that would make fresh pastries and the like, but they closed it. I asked him why he thought it was happening and he told me it was the government making them.

I explained to them that it was, in fact, worse than that. It was unelected, unaccountable Michelle Obama making law as if she were a queen, which she thinks she is.

Then we adjourned to the computer and I pulled up a few gems on the subject. I showed them a Breitbart report that said, "An investigative report by a Cincinnati TV station finds that the governments new school lunch requirements championed by first lady Michelle Obama are wasting $4 million a day in discarded food the children won't eat."

In fact, according to the report, the federal government spends about $12 billion a year on school lunches, while a new Harvard study revealed that, "60% of fresh vegetables and 40% of fresh fruits are being thrown away."

And thanks to our beloved Queen, the discarded fruits and vegetables must be fresh - not canned or frozen – which, of course angers those food preparers who see their efforts as futile. Again, Breitbart reported, "Staff in one [school food authority] noted that the increased amount of time and effort to prepare fruits and vegetables also lead to morale issues when staff saw students throw fruits and vegetables in the trash."

One of my sons just looked at me and said, "That's so dumb, I can't believe it. They make these people prepare all this food so they can just watch the kids throw it away. I'd be mad too."

"So why do they do this dad?" one asked. I reminded him that's what liberals do. It's not about health or well-being, but it's about control. It's about making decisions for the rest of us.

To that he said, "They really do think they're smarter than us, don't they. Like were too stupid to know what eat."

I answered yes, they really do think that. I reminded them that these liberals have no malicious intent. These academics are like a bunch of Sheldons from the Big Bang Theory TV program. They honestly believe they are smarter than everyone else and therefore believe they have a right – no, an obligation - to dictate policy to us.

Just another fun-filled night at the household of the Common Constitutionalist.

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