First lady Michelle Obama was at a fund raising event for her husband yesterday in Cincinnati, Ohio. The event had 300 supporters who could afford $250-$10,000 in order to attend. Obama took the time to tout her husband's accomplishments, though we have seen they have been utter disasters.

Mrs. Obama, following in her husband's footstep's, teleprompter and all, pushed their agenda upon the people stating such things as, “If a family in this country is struggling, we cannot be satisfied with our own families' good fortune.” Obviously this is why we do not see Mrs. Obama down at the local homeless shelter, orphanages and meeting with families living in tent cities now in America on a daily basis. She, like her husband cares nothing for the people she speaks about and only cares about her own family's “good fortune”.

I wonder why she wouldn't encourage those who attended and paid all that money to not go out and help others with that money rather than giving to her husband's campaign?

At the crucial moment though, when she was about to put her best foot forward she apparently stumbled the line, but finally found the teleprompter again and asked, “Who do we want to be? Will we be a country where success is limited to the few at the top? This country is strongest when we are all better off."

Well Mrs. Obama since you husband took office we are all much worse off, thank you very much! Unemployment is up. Taxes are up and going to go up even more within the next 2 years thanks to your husbands socialistic medicine program. That means healthcare won't be half of what it is now in the States and good doctors will be hard to come by as well as research and development will be greatly crippled. So thank you.

People are being foreclosed on, even people who could legitimately afford their mortgages but because of the economic times and loss of employment simply can no longer do so. Our nation is divided the sharpest it has been. So again, thank you.

She continued saying, “Change is slow, but we will get there,...We are fighting for our sons and our daughters, our grandchildren, and what kind of future they will have.” Well I can't say it's that slow, Obama took us from the edge of a recession into the pit of a full fledged depression and it really isn't looking up. They seek to mask the reality of what is going on with phony unemployment numbers along with printing more money, but the truth is we are in a sinking ship. In fact, the bow of the ship just went under. Our debt is now greater than our GDP! Again, thanks for that hope and change!

The one thing I do hope for is a change of the man who takes the chair of the oval office. I am hopeful that he will have the sense to have good advisers and a strategy to point America in the right direction and that we can leave the Obama legacy in the past on the other failed attempts at socialism that the world has produced.

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