The Tom Joyner Morning Show welcomed Michelle Obama and spoke to her about getting out the vote for her husband Barry. Rather than being somewhat uplifting and encouraging about getting out the vote, she decided to insult people. She also distorted the facts of the race and claimed it is between grassroots Democrats and a few rich Republicans. This is typical of the Obamas so I'm sure no one is surprised.

Obama said in her interview:

"All of us know that one person in our lives -- that one knucklehead nephew that's not registered to vote. That one neighbor who's not really paying attention. That one coworker who's confused about how Barack's tax plan will benefit that individual. Those are going to be the conversations that make the difference. And in this election, we're gonna be making a choice about how we want our democracy run. You know, do we want our president selected by people rolling their sleeves up, knocking on doors, or are we gonna hand it over to a couple of people who write big checks?"

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Hmmmm, well seems to me that Barack & Michelle Obama have been the ones running around to the rich crowd. Remember this? and this? and....this? It didn't seem to be a problem for Barry in 2008 when he was getting those "big checks" now did it? In either case, both campaigns have gotten big checks from some of the same backers.

But the demeaning attitude towards the American voter just echoes the sentiments of her husband. So what she is saying is that if you don't understand Barry's tax plan and how it benefits you, you're just confused and if you haven't registered to vote you're a knucklehead. Frankly many people who aren't registered to vote have no business voting in the first place. I could say the same thing about many who are. But to refer to them as knuckleheads is really beneath the First Lady. But then we've seen just how low the Obamas can go before, haven't we?

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