Michelle Malkin To Liberal: ‘The Blood Is On Your People’s Hands’

On Fox News’ Hannity, conservative commentator and author Michelle Malkin squared off with liberal attorney and commentator Tamara Holder. After setting the stage of several months of hearings before the House Oversight Committee, host Sean Hannity then opened up response from Michelle Malkin.

Malkin was first asked about Eric Holder’s statements, to which she responded that on the key points he has addressed that all of his statements have been “false and spurious, false and specious.”

She also said that at the invoking of executive privilege underscores what those who have been reporting on Fast and Furious for over a year and a half “have always known and felt and realized” and that is that it is not just Eric Holder “Barack Obama himself, who is at the center of the obstructionism, at the center of the scandal, the bloodiest scandal of this administration.”

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While Holder made a feeble attempt at defending Obama and blaming Bush for the gun walking, she tried to claim it was a war. Hannity called her out on it and made the point that the U.S. government were providing weapons to murders, kidnappers, and drug cartels across the border. He asked rhetorically, “So you give the enemy weapons?”

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Holder tried to claim that it takes time for documents to be produced and continued her Bush blaming, even to the point of pointing to the death of Pat Tillman and stating that it took three years for the documents concerning his death to come out. “Thousands of documents take time,” she said.

Hannity then asked Malkin, if they had the documents, why didn’t they turn them over? “Is this a delay tactic, so they wouldn’t have to expose something very embarrassing here?” he asked.

“Clearly they have something to hide,” Malkin answered. “Can I just go back to this, the tiresome blame Bush card, because I don‘t think that Tamara knows what she’s talking about when we talk about the difference between Fast and Furious and Operation Wide Receiver and Project Gunrunner.”

Holder attempted to interject a comment in response. “Sure, sure, I don’t know what I am talking about. No no, to be attacked and say that I don‘t know what I am talking about just because I’m not a New York Times best-selling author. I clearly know what I’m talking about.”

“Excuse me!” Malkin shouted back when Holder tried to interrupt. “This is not a partisan thing!”

Referee Hannity then stepped in and allowed Michelle to finish her comment which was a devastating blow to how liberals view these matters. She said, “For some of us the core issues of national security, Second Amendment rights, integrity in government actually matters, it is not just some sort of TV game debate for us, Tamara.”

There were more raised voices as Holder, clearly upset by what Malkin said tried to respond. However, once things settled back down, Malkin pointed out that Wide Receiver was “planned, controlled delivery and retrieval“ and that under the Bush administration ”they got those guns back,” but that didn’t happen in the Obama administration because there was “underlying gun control agenda that is clear in these documents.”

“Clearly they are the ones with the ideological zealotry that caused bloodshed in this country. The blood is on your people’s hands, Tamara!” she said emphatically.

“No, actually we‘re all Americans and it’s on all of our hands,” Holder responded disgracefully as if it’s everybody’s fault and not the administration’s. “These things take time,” she continued to push, claiming that the vote of contempt was way too early.

Malkin shot back that “these take time because he has been obstructing the subpoenas for months and months and months! No, I’m not going to let you get away with that lie!”

Holder was obviously not thinking clearly and demanded to give Holder years to respond.

Well Holder and company have had years to respond. How difficult is it for the Justice Department to release the requested documents? Congress can release thousands of pages of a healthcare law that no one wants or knows what’s in it and yet the Justice Department fails to comply with subpoenas.

Malkin showed the heart of a lion and simply would not be bullied by leftist Tamara Holder. Good for her. Wish there were more Congressmen and Senators like that.

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