Michelle Malkin Takes On Juan Williams: Prove The Tea Party Is Racist

On Fox News’ “Hannity”, guests Juan Williams and Michelle Malkin appeared back in May to comment on the resurgence of the Occupy crowd, along with the joining of known domestic terrorist Bill Ayers to the Occupy movement. Before introducing them, one Occupy participant, Harrison Schultz, was shown in a clip from MSNBC stating that he was looking for more “far more radical alternatives to political alternatives,” indicating that there may be something else in which violence would play a part in change of government since Mr. Schultz is a supporter of anarchy. He even claimed capitalism was the problem, failing to distinguish fascism from capitalism will always do that.

While Juan Williams wanted to disavow any approval of what Occupiers are doing and even saying the Obama administration is against it, Hannity presented clips where Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi both gave approval and sympathy to the Occupy movement. In fact, Pelosi was quoted as saying “God bless them.” This after Hannity had pointed out the use of drugs, violence, even setting up a rape tent and defecating on police cars and other nonsense that Juan these were “just kids” doing this. My how we have raised our expectations of kids. These are 20 and 30 years old and those much older than kids.

Malkin pointed out the the Democrats cannot distance themselves from the movement because it is not spontaneous, but rather support by the Democrats. video of the destruction that has come from the lawless Occupiers was shown during the interview. She even told Hannity that he had made a correct parallel to the movement and that of the sixties and seventies.

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“These Occupiers and the Democrats behind them can no more disown the violent agitators than they can disown the stench that comes from these filthy encampments,” Malkin exclaimed. “From day one, from its very inception, the movement has intended to create chaos and they have openly advocated smashing the state, wreaking havoc on our economy, and undermining our rule of law.”

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Williams tried to fight back against the accusations with obvious liberal rhetoric, “I just think, Michelle, that if you look at something like the Tea Party movement … If I was on the show with Sean and I said, ‘Oh, but what about the racism in some parts of the Tea Party?’”

Both Malkin and Hannity called Williams on the idea of racism in the Tea Party asking “What racism?”

Juan tried to throw out claims of monkey jokes and such about the president, but Malkin called his bluff demanding that he “Name it or retract it, Juan!”

He claimed that she had the skill to look it up online and that he didn’t think that was the heart of the Tea Party and he would never make that claim, but he did. He did make the claim.

Malkin then chided Williams saying that his claims of some form of “racism,” which he could not prove, was somehow tantamount to the violence and the call for killing of police officers and conservatives that done by the Occupy crowd.

At this point, Hannity jumped in with the violence of the Occupy movement and then attributed the words of Pelosi to the movement, “God bless them.”

Williams looked like a whipped, tired puppy trying to defend the indefensibility of what was taking place. Juan did point out that both Pelosi and Obama were pointing out about the claims of the people being fed up with what has been taking place, but he would never acknowledge that there was a clear distinction between how the Tea Party has made its demonstration and how the Occupy people have made theirs. Violence and anarchy, versus peaceful and political protests is the crux of the issue.

Hannity claimed the Andrew Breitbart had offered real money, $100,000, for anyone that could provide video evidence of the claims that Juan Williams had made in reference to the “monkey” statements. No one collected and Williams said he didn’t have the evidence either. So right there, Williams attests that he is merely passing off gossip and not facts.

Michelle Malkin then went through a list of Occupy leaders and how they had been arrested and charged with bomb plots and caught on video advocating violence to make their message be heard.

She finished with making the point that “There is absolutely no parallel between the peace loving, tax paying, hard working people of the Tea Party movement and the anarchist, poo flinging monkeys of the anarchist Occupy movement! None whatsoever.”

Well I couldn’t have said it better myself Michelle.

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