Earlier in the week, columnist Michelle Malkin tore into Obama Deputy Campaign Manager Stephanie Cutter over the lies that have been put out by the Obama campaign in the "War on Women." She even referenced Cutter as Stephanie "Cutterocchio."

This is Malkin in rare form as she really demonstrates just how much lying goes on in the Obama administration.

Hannity played two interviews to show out right lies that Cutter told with regards to Joe Soptic, the man that claims Mitt Romney had a hand in killing his wife who had cancer. Cutter in one interview knew nothing of Soptic's situation or the details and then Hannity plays a conference call that she was on with Soptic describing those details.

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Malkin responded, "She is a 'shameless, lying liar.' You need to have like to space for that nose that keeps growing and growing and growing, Stephanie 'Cutterocchio.'"

While she pointed back to Cutter's statements that women don't care about the past four years, Malkin also reminded the audience that it was the Obama administration that has been waging the war against our mothers, sisters and all women in the society who "have lost their jobs and are far less better off than they were four years ago."

Have a look at the interview below:

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