Michelle Malkin Blasts Bloomberg Gun Control Comments

On Wednesday on Fox News’ Hannity, He had special guests Michelle Malkin and Tamara Holder. Their last appearance on his show was in regards to the Fast and Furious scandal and Malkin told Holder, “The blood is on your people’s hands.” This past Wednesday they took on the politicizing of the Aurora, Colorado shooting and once again, it was a cat fight in which Malkin would have none of Holder’s liberal whining, even at one point telling her that she said, “Let me put the pause button on you” and closely followed by “shush.”

The introduction was the playing of the clip of Michael Bloomberg from earlier in the week where he wondered why policemen didn’t go on strike until the public, through their legislatures, enacted more gun laws, which was code for “give up all your guns.”

Hannity pointed out that within hours the Tea Party was blamed for what took place in Arurora, Colorado, even throwing popular conservatives in the mix and said it was very similar to what took place following the shooting of Gabrielle Giffords, which I had previously pointed out also. when he asked Holder why her side always does this type of knee jerk reaction, Holder responded with, “You don’t think it’s a knee- jerk reaction to say that comments are insane, all comments by the liberals are insane.” She said that, “Michelle Malkin’s new call or new blog says insane comments by the left. You can’t take everything for making it — what Michael Bloomberg said wasn’t necessarily a reality. He didn’t want everybody to just leave.”

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Though Holder wanted to attempt to try and make some difference in what was taking place by saying that the focus of the program was not on blame, the title of the segment was “Politicizing A Tragedy.”

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Michelle Malkin was given time to elaborate on the issue and said she had diagnosed exactly what the left does in these situations as “blame righty syndrome.” When Tamara Holder tried to interject, Hannity refereed and Malkin said, “Let me put the pause button on you!” Seriously I almost fell out of my chair with laughter at that comment.

She continued,

and let me put a pause button on this entire madness that we have had after the Aurora atrocity. Michael Bloomberg, who was an elected government official, essentially endorse anarchy. He called on police officers who are paid and who are employed by the government to protect and to serve, to go on strike.

And then afterwards, he had to eat his own words because, of course, his lawyers probably reminded him of something called the Taylor ordinance, which prohibits government officials from officially endorsing public strikes like this, which endanger the public. These people are not, not concerned about public welfare, public safety or self-defense and individual empowerment because if they were, they would be groveling on the ground apologizing not only to the law abiding people of New York City.

Right near the end she had to “Shush” Holder for trying to but in and Holder took offense at being treated like a little child, which is, well, how she was responding. You see the left does not respond logically and Holder demonstrates this when she tries to speak about assault weapons and bombs.

” I would like to say that I think that the liberals are losing this argument,” she said. “OK, now maybe I’ll get one conservative follower of yours to actually agree with what I am saying. I think that the liberals lose the argument when they call these weapons assault weapons, which I have done myself and I have been willing to become educated. They are not assault weapons. They do not kill as well as a moose rifle or as well as a rifle”

Don’t kill as well as a moose rifle or as well as a rifle? Seriously? Look a person with a .22 will kill as well as anything out there, should you take a head shot. She lost the argument there. Any firearm though is not the issue. It’s the person behind the firearm. Evil does not reside inside a firearm. It resides within men.

Then Holder showed her complete emotional argument by declaring, “The issue of guns is larger than just a five-minute debate. People die in different ways in this country with different gun problem.” While she did claim Bloomberg’s statements were “stupidly and foolishly” said, she can’t see how she doesn’t apply the same logic to other deaths. This is where the left thinks they are God and thinks they can impose laws the will keep people from harming themselves. They believe they can bring about a Utopia. They are sadly deceived.

Malkin then broke down what the issue really is for the left. She said “The problem with people like Michael Bloomberg and the problem with people like Tamara Holder is, they don’t think about what they are saying. I mean, I actually take the time to listen. Just a couple of minutes ago, you (Holder) called us essentially haters and insane, for condemning Michael Bloomberg’s remarks and then you just said a couple of seconds ago, that what he said was nutty. And we chronicle time and time again.”

Holder wanted to do the same thing that Juan Williams did and degrade Malkin at this point by mocking her. “What is chronicling? Do you work for the White House chronicling some tapes? You chronicle, you diagnose, you self-diagnose, you come up with all of these rhymes, your name is not Robert Frost. You are not a poet. Let’s get to the issues.”

Malkin shot back, “You know, this is just an extension of ‘you are just a blogger.’ OK, I have heard this before.”

She then finished her comment, “And we chronicle every time you have this knee-jerk — this knee-jerk blaming. And you say, well, who was it? Who did that? ABC News did it. All of these left-wing Hollywood celebrities, all the people who went after your friend and mine, Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh. We are always hearing about how it’s conservative free speech and political activism that is to blame for these nut-balls who are responsible for their own behavior. Why can’t we at least agree on that? Please!”

Tamara Holder finished on an inconsistent liberal note. “He could have taken the bomb that was in his house and he could have put it in his car and driven it through the theater and caused a lot more damage than what these guns that he had.”

Oh yes, James Holmes could have hijacked an airliner and crashed it into the theater. He could have filled the theater with excrement and drown the crowd in it. This is how the left thinks. All of these “could haves.” So why is the left not out to eliminate bombs? Why the cry for gun control? It’s because there is an agenda and it’s to disarm the American people so that they are the only ones with guns and so that they are the only ones in control.

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