Michael Bloomberg Targets Senators Opposed To Gun Control

America, hold on to your hats because New York Mayor Bloomberg is “gunning” for your guns. Yes, the pun was intended. According to the New York Daily News, “the disgusted mayor says he’ll use his clout and wealth to target senators who’ve blocked gun control.”

The NY Daily News reports:

A day after Senate Democrats announced plans to abandon efforts to pass substantive gun control laws this year, a disgusted Mayor Bloomberg accused Congress of being too lazy to carry on the fight – and warned of repercussions at the ballot box.

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“We’re going to keep going after Senators that won’t [support gun control],” he said in his weekly appearance on the John Gambling radio show.

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“If Congress won’t [act],” he added, “we’ve got to have the public get up and say ‘We’re not going to take it. We’re going to vote for somebody else.'”

Mayor Bloomberg is under the delusional notion that guns commit crimes. I hate to be the one to break it to him, but neither the gun in my purse nor any gun in my household has gotten up, ran off, committed a crime and returned to rest innocently in its place. Criminals commit crimes. Criminals do not follow any law that is enacted. Criminals use other inanimate objects as well to commit crimes, with some using their bare hands and strength.

The New York Mayor is upset that guns from other states are making their way into New York due to other states respect of the Second Amendment of the US Constitution. He states these guns are used to commit crimes against New Yorkers and cites the lax “private sale loopholes” in other states that allow guns to make their way into the state; FYI Mayor Bloomberg, that loophole is a myth.

Mayor Bloomberg, the following is for you.

A friend of mine lives and works in New York. She’s an honest, hard-working individual who wants nothing more than to live her life to the fullest. Since being in your city, she has been mugged twice, once at gunpoint, and attacked by a cab driver who reneged on their fare settlement. When the cab driver refused to honor their agreement, he got out of the vehicle, opened the back door, pulled my friend out, threw her on the ground and robbed her of all her cash and the cellphone she used to capture a picture of the medallion number of the cab. She sustained a bruise to her hip and incurred added expenses of replacing her cellphone and time lost from work.

It’s hard for the police to find the individual responsible for this when the evidence was taken in the commission of the crime.

What is your intent to protect every individual in New York from crimes committed against them? As I see it, if she had possessed a gun, there would be one less unsavory cab driver cruising around New York looking for more victims, as I can guarantee you this was not the first time this thug had done this. To top it all off, he chose someone that he knew was not armed in order to perpetrate his thievery. This is all thanks to you Mayor Bloomberg and I hold you and your platform responsible, along with the perpetrator, for the commission of the crime against my friend.

And I hate to break this news to you Mayor, but individuals who commit suicides with firearms are going to commit suicide anyway. They would find another method if a firearm was not available. These suicidal individuals might choose to crash their car into a tree, but also hit a pedestrian in the process killing them as well. What would your platform be then: car control? Maybe the individual might choose to hang himself. Would “rope control” be next?

The firearm is not the issue. An inanimate object is not the issue. There are many issues contributing to crime in America. So many, it’s hard to get a grasp on them, much less thoroughly define them and implement actions to alleviate them. But, would that help? The answer is no, Mayor Bloomberg, as there are individuals who will commit crimes for entertainment purposes only or because they know how to get away with it.

To blame an inanimate object for the commission of a crime is to be completely ignorant of the fact that a person behind the object controls its purpose and intent. Any object is dangerous when the person behind it has criminal or unsavory intent.

Threaten all you want to remove Senators and engage in smear campaigns against those who do not support your idea of gun control. There are those of us who support the Second Amendment for personal defense as well as defense against a tyrannical government. We will continue to make our voices heard through phone calls, letters, emails and the voting booth. But since you are h*** bent and determined to eradicate guns from New York, you should consider providing every New York citizen with body guards to protect them from crime paid for by you and your organization, Mayors Against Illegal Guns. Even the title of your organization is a misnomer. Guns are not illegal; only laws infringing on the rights of the people to bear arms are.

While I hope and pray that I never have to use my firearm in self-defense, I know that I have the capability and skill to protect myself in the event of a violation against my person. Unfortunately, my friend does not have that same comfort. For that matter, Mayor Bloomberg, neither do your friends in New York.

Editor’s Note: I’ll bet we won’t see Chris Matthews call Michael Bloomberg a terrorist, like he did Ted Cruz, for calling on people to vote for someone else because of gun control.

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