Sure, media commentators cannot come out and say that they are Hamas cheerleaders, but by both their spoken and written opinions, one can conclude nothing else.

Evidently, the history of conflict between Israel and the Palestinians began the day Israel attacked Gaza. Decades of terrorist strikes against the tiny nation are apparently not allowed to be considered.

Yesterday, reporter Chris Doyle of the left-leaning UK Telegraph wrote of the Palestinian plight in the West Bank and Gaza.

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He concentrated on Gaza, due to the Israeli counterattack on Hamas there. Actually, he didn't describe it as a counterattack or counter-offensive.

He wrote: "How much more of a pummeling can Gaza take? The fatality count mounts to around 750 Palestinians and 35 Israelis. The civilian infrastructure in Gaza is creaking under the Israeli assault."

As lefties always do, he goes on to praise the commencement of diplomatic efforts by John "Lurch" Kerry and fellow Israel hater, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon (pie), because diplomacy always work so well when dealing with terrorists, such as Hamas.

Doyle wrote that the "initial understanding of the Israeli position among international leaders gives way to increasing horror and outrage at the scale of the onslaught and the mountains of rubble."

He writes that the fact that Hamas rejected the first proposal of a cease-fire does not excuse "the Israeli aggression that has been heaped on this overpopulated, under-resourced strip of land."

Doyle goes on to quote a Palestinian from Gaza: "We are all prisoners, including women and children. Our kids are born in captivity. What would Americans do if they were born in Alcatraz? Would they just sit back and wait to be released?"

That pretty much sums up the worldwide left's position. Israel is the aggressor – the poor Palestinian people, the victims, and if one does not recall history, it's easy to think that.

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