Is what the Media Tells us Truth or is there Another Plausible Explanation?

In a previous article I penned regarding the gun registration in Connecticut, I pointed out these “gun control” laws were enacted after the Sandy Hook, Newtown, Connecticut shooting, which some people believe was a hoax to initiate the gun control agenda. Some individuals commenting on that piece mistook that particular statement along with those after it to assume that I believe Sandy Hook was a hoax, even to the point that they believed they took me to the “woodshed” with their comments. Although I never indicated my opinion on the “hoax” theory, the assumption was made that I believed it because I offered an alternative viewpoint held by many regarding that incident.

What I believe or do not believe is irrelevant. What is relevant is the truth. The truth is the Sandy Hook incident was used and exploited by every facet of government to enact gun control legislation, either at the federal, state or local level. Luckily, it failed at the federal level but Americans are witnessing increasing government attacks against the Second Amendment, with some successes in New York City, Connecticut, and California to name a few. But, the truth remains: politicians, including Obama, used this horrific incident involving children as a political tool.

If there is any doubt how the holocaust began, it was with the initiation of gun registration, which led to gun confiscation in Hitler’s Germany. An event was used to launch a violent attack on the Jewish community. What was that event? – A polish teenager, who was Jewish, shot a German diplomat in Paris. The diplomat was shot in Paris, not Germany; but, it was the excuse needed to initiate Kristallnacht. Hitler’s Nazis would not have known where to find the guns or who had them in the Jewish community had it not been for registration. Kristallnacht would not have been so easy to accomplish if the Jewish community had maintained the means to protect themselves.

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Under the guise of “protecting and caring for our nation’s children,” the push to infringe on the Second Amendment rights of Americans ramped up. However, our government cares so much for the nation’s children that Harry Reid would not relent in order to allow a child to receive cancer treatment during the “shutdown” of the government, saying, “Why would I do that.” Good Ole Kathleen Sebelius even justified denying a lifesaving treatment to a child saying, and I’m paraphrasing here, some live and some die. There is the example of true compassion for our nation’s children at the level of government who exuberantly push the gun control agenda while displaying false compassion. It’s not a matter of what you believe or do not believe, but what do you see with your own eyes and is it the truth?

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Already, the federal government has almost stripped away the First Amendment, enacting legislation that makes it illegal for Americans to protest, peacefully, in an area where members of the government, who are guarded by Secret Service, happen to be whether on official business or not. Americans are subjected to “Constitution-free zones” which are the areas within 100 miles of all borders of the United States, including oceanic borders. We have witnessed the violation of Americans’ Fourth Amendment rights through illegal body cavity searches, forced medical procedures, NSA spying and datamining of information – all without just warrants or probable cause. The Fifth Amendment is all but gone in certain instances when through unjust court orders, Americans faced with certain charges are prohibited that right and forced to submit to medical procedures to prove their guilt. Christians in America are considered terrorists by the alphabet security agencies. Individual Americans are being coerced to relinquish their right to choice because of the unconstitutional “Obamacare” and its associated tax, disguised as a fine.

We are living in a time where we must question what is being done in our government at all levels. As has been witnessed, the main stream media has become the propaganda machine of the federal government. This phenomenon has led many American to seek their information through alternate news sources. It has prompted many individuals to research and investigate everything seen in the news and every incident that has been used to promote a government agenda. Granted, some of these “theories” are way off base; however, people are asking questions when the information presented by the news media and the government doesn’t add up, the stories change or information presented appears suspicious.

Sometimes, in searching for the truth, we have to review and acknowledge information presented in a straight forward, non-emotional, logical manner that is presenting a possibility, whether it is liked or not, or whether we believe it or not. Obama said Seal Team 6 killed Osama Bin Laden. Did they? That’s the story. And, if you believe it, what are you basing that belief on? I’ll let you all “take me to the woodshed” in the comments on the presumption that you believe that I believe Seal Team 6 did not kill Osama Bin Laden. Remember, what you believe or what I believe is irrelevant. It is the truth that is relevant.

In order to get to the truth, questions must be asked, theories postulated and investigations done to either support the hypothesis or disprove it. Does that still make it the truth? Not necessarily; but, it does bring to light the possibility of plausibility of the theory or the realization that your theory is off base. The ability to think for oneself is what allows scandals to be exposed. Ever wonder why none of the current scandals surrounding Washington have ever reached a level to expose the truth? Granted, investigations have been hampered, but where are the true investigative journalists who value the truth over the government rhetoric? Where are the Woodward and Bernstein’s and the patriotic Americans in government? One theory is these individuals have been silenced due to information datamined and stored by the NSA since the PATRIOT Act was passed. Is it truth? I don’t know. Is it plausible? It’s plausible, but that does not make it truth, only a possibility.

Always one must ask themselves, “What is the truth?” The truth may not be what we believe it is, what we think it is or what is presented to us, but something totally different. To be vigilant, one must be mindful that everything is not always what it seems, and at times, the truth may be what one might deem the impossible, the unbelievable or the plausible.

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