McAfee-Weiss: Is There Actually the Potential for Some Honesty in Politics?

I’ve been disgusted by the two party system for years. Candidates are paraded before us, giving us the illusion that we have a choice. One after another, each new “option” worse than the last batch of “choices.”

Because of this, I’ve become somewhat apolitical.

I refuse to choose the lesser of two evils.

When you do that, you’re still choosing evil.

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You’re still “voting FOR” someone who will change the fabric of our nation, generally to support their own selfish agenda. Presidents become wealthy if they’re not rich when they go into office. They become wealthier if they started off that way. Don’t delude yourself into thinking the goal for the two-party system is actually to make things better for us.

The McAfee-Weiss option

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I had decided to abstain from voting this year because I refuse to endorse this system that is so blatantly rigged,so inherently violent, and so manipulative.

Then a friend posted a video that was so honest that it couldn’t be the work of a career politician.

Is it possible that there might actually be a legitimate choice? John McAfee and Judd Weiss are jumping into the fray.

“We have a voice, yet Americans are led to believe we must support this façade of lies and force we know as politics.
The political process doesn’t move our world forward. We advance through technology and the pursuit of our vision for a better life.
Let us embrace our voice, let us exit.”

Just so you know what the Libertarian Party is all about, McAfee wrote:

“The Libertarian Party stands for Freedom, Privacy and Personal Responsibility. Libertarians believe that government best serves by leaving us alone to live our lives as we see fit.

Libertarians believe that our bodies belong to ourselves, not to the government. We believe that we should not harm one another, and that we should not take each other’s stuff. We believe our current government is engorged, bloated and inefficient and that it no longer serves us.

The Libertarian Party is America’s only hope to restore sanity to our government.

Millions of Libertarians are working to take back our country from the two-party machine. I hope you will join us.”

Who is John McAfee?

He might be in your computer right now, via his antivirus software. Here’s a quick bio from his campaign website:

John McAfee is a world-famous tech CEO, computer scientist, civil disobedience activist, privacy advocate, and pioneer of the commercial anti-virus industry, and Libertarian Candidate forPresident of the United States. In his 70 years, McAfee served as chief executive of a multi-billion dollar organization and launched over 30 businesses in the U.S. and abroad. McAfee believes that The Libertarian Party is America’s only hope to restore sanity to our government.

Who is Judd Weiss?

According to the Libertarian Republic website, which announced Weiss’s inclusion in the campaign:

Judd Weiss, 35, was born, raised, and is based in Los Angeles, and is a writerbusinessmanentrepreneurhustler, and the most famous photographer for the liberty movement…

Weiss offers a number of benefits to the McAfee campaign, with a solid foundation of knowledge of the philosophy of liberty, and a lot of time spent advising fellow libertarians how to sell the ideas of liberty to mainstream audiences, while trying to improve the appearance and public image of libertarians.

Do you think these guys are viable options?

While I’m not yet committed to voting for anyone, the McAfee-Weiss campaign is definitely worth watching as an option to the yahoos currently in the running.

If you’re going to vote, vote for something different.  Forget these candidates who are slinging mud and making fools of themselves (and our nation, by default.) We just might have a chance for small government with someone outside “the system.”

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