The Markets Today are So Bizarre, It’s Beyond Comprehension How Bad It Is

Thursday we sat down with David Morgan, the Silver Guru, from The Morgan Report, to discuss the recent market action, specifically, the gold and silver slam on July 14 and 15.

Wash, rinse, repeat is what David see’s with the recent take down in gold and silver. The Commitment of Traders, even in this completely rigged, manipulated “market” is still a valuable tool to indicate when the next “orchestrated” step will be taken. It’s usually, according to Mr. Morgan, one of the big players that dictates the direction and when it happens. David, along with everyone else, was surprised to see the $21 level for silver fall and the $1,300 level for gold to drop. Not sure than anyone expected either of these levels be broken so easily.

The bullion banks are running out of ammunition.” It takes more and more short selling to create smaller and smaller moves in the market and this is particularly true with silver. If you are not currently holding physical silver, your time is running short. By the end of 2014, we are going to see some major changes with the supplies and the exchange rate (pricing). The remainder of this year is going to surprise a lot of people. The ALL markets are acting so weird it is hard to believe that something hasn’t broken off and fallen into the ocean. We are fast approaching the day when the COMEX will no longer matter. That is to say the paper traded futures for gold and silver will be over-run by the physical market. The physical market is beginning to show its teeth and we, myself and you my dear reader, are going to witness the COMEX being rendered completely irrelevant. Would you sell even the least of your generic rounds, right now, for $20.50 an ounce? I wouldn’t.

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What impact is the new BRICS Development Bank going to have on the dollar, as well as, gold and silver? With China already operating upwards of 20 different direct currency swaps with countries like Australia, Korea, Turkey, England and France, just to name a few, the de-dollarization has been underway for over a year. Russia made it official earlier this year when President Putin came out and announced Russia is going to actively de-dollarize their economy. Now we have the official announcement of the BDB that is opening its doors with $100 BILLION in backing. How much gold and silver can one acquire with $100 BILLION? What about 10% of being directed to gold and silver? Will it happen, can it happen? Of course, it can.

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We have two very strong dynamics at work here. The physical precious metals market, primarily gold and silver, being bought up quicker than they can be mined combined with the very real fact that the USDollar as the world reserve currency is ending right in front of our eyes. The debt-based, blood-soaked dollar has run its course. Even the countries that were strong Allies in the past are moving or have moved, away from the dollar debt instrument.

David goes on to state: When this thing goes, it’s going to go and it’s going to go down in the history books of financial annals of all time. Because this is the worst predicament we have ever been put into and, again, it’s the world at large.

What’s this whole thing about, it’s all about the Zero Interest Rate Policy. Why? It’s because compound interest is an impossibility. You cannot continue it ad infinitum. It’s impossible mathematically, yet the whole system pretends that it’s going to be oookkkk.

We cover a lot more ground including the bond market, derivatives, and how David see’s 2014 unfolding.


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