Marco Rubio: “God’s rules always win.” Now Ignore ’Em All and Vote for Me!

“God’s rules always win.”

File that sweet line atop the Marco Rubio section of the “it would be awesome if they really believed it” section 0f quotes from GOP candidates now predictably making the rounds pretending to love and revere the law of God in order to snag the votes and cash of politically active professing Christians in America.

As The Hill reports:

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Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) says religious believers are called to “ignore” laws that violate their faith.

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“In essence, if we are ever ordered by a government authority to personally violate and sin — violate God’s law and sin — if we’re ordered to stop preaching the Gospel, if we’re ordered to perform a same-sex marriage as someone presiding over it, we are called to ignore that,” Rubio said in an interview with CBN on Tuesday.

“So when those two come into conflict, God’s rules always win,” he added.

Really, Marco?

Do God’s rules (aka “laws”) really trump man’s whenever the two hold contrary positions?

Howsabout when it comes to defining the roles, responsibilities and limitations of the Family, Church, and State?

Howsabout when it comes to Scripture condemning State-empowering, citizen-enslaving Socialist systems like Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Public Schools, etc., etc., etc.? (See: Our “Free Money” Heroin Habit: Why “conservative Christian” Americans sell their own children for just one more hit of Socialism.)

Howsabout when it comes to defining what is good and evil in the definition and pursuit of children’s education? (See: Statism 101: State-run “education” makes a State-dependent population.)

Howsabout when it comes to immediately shutting down (forget just defunding, which the GOP can’t even do) the “legally” protected baby mass murdering facilities openly operating all across the fruited plain? (See: Just in case you still think Republicans are ever going to actually stop abortion)

Howsabout when it comes to Scripture clearly condemning our “magic money”-for-some/economic-bondage-for-the-rest economic system as an abomination (the same term used for homosexual practice)? (See: Proverbs 11:1 and Fiat $lavery: We have been bought and paid for…with nothing.)

Howsabout when it comes to law itself? (See: Presuppositional Law: Where we begin with law determines where we end.)

Something tells me that Marco didn’t mean any o’ that.

Not even close, and the funny/sad thing is that we all know it.

We all know that he’s fully expected to say these things during this season of vote chasing and we all just as fully expect him not to follow through in application on any of it if/when given the chance.

Most pathetic of all: It works every time.

So why wouldn’t Marco run with this most tried and successful of political gimmicks?

American Christians are the ultimate – and most dedicated – suckers, it would seem.

Policy wise, Marco routinely advocates overtly unbiblical American Statism as consistently as anyone else in the Pagan Political Right field of wannabe Presidents. He’s just doing what they all do: Pitching Christian lingo to professing Christian crowds in order to gain support for the same Statist bondage that’s been successfully sold to American Christians for generations now under the guise of secular conservatism. (See: How’s that Pagan “conservatism” workin’ out for ya, Christian?)

Lord willing, we’ll someday finally stop buying what guys like this are selling.

‘Til then, we’ll continue to get what we deserve.


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