March Towards Utopia – Progressives Call This Progress?

There are very few words left to describe the rotting of the human soul that we are witnessing in this nation. I have tried very hard to stand for what is right and to start honest discussions with people whom I thought were rational, thinking human beings. It was all for nothing because the Godless who have mastered the psychological arts of manipulating the human emotion have twisted logic to the point where truth has become the lie. Through blame and deceit this communist regime has convinced the unwashed masses to beg for their own demise by destroying their ability to think, use reason and look more than two days into the future. The United States is now in its last days because a sizable part of our population is holding the rest of us hostage through their animalistic instincts and threats of unrest should they lose their benefits. If you recall, the federal government was recently threatening to shut off food stamp benefits in several states after a break down in the system which left millions unable to feed their families. The result was rioting and looting. It didn’t take a genius to realize that the game being played with the debt ceiling revolved around this issue because, well just as predicted the congress didn’t let the default happen, did they? Perhaps they should have. Now many millions believe their problems will all go away because we, as a nation, are now further indebted in order to satisfy their sense of entitlement.

obamaWhat’s the most troubling to me is there are many who have become so dependent upon the government for their survival that they see nothing out of place. To be clear, I want to ensure readers understand that I know there are those who must rely upon certain benefits because of disabilities, they are not a part of this equation. We are talking about those who have figured out they can make more on welfare than by working. For these countless millions, their ability to be self-reliant, responsible, productive human beings has been compromised by an agenda that seeks to enslave them. Rather than realizing the cost of their dependence is costing more than the government is taking in, they choose to blind themselves through their ignorance and the belief that they are owed something. Is this to say that there should not be a welfare program? No, of course not, but where is the incentive? Many people have become satisfied with mediocrity because they do not have to work for it. Many people are just fine with collecting a welfare check even though we continually have to raise the debt ceiling in order to provide it. Somehow, they have also been convinced that conservative Americans who seek to empower them through incentive to work and the power that comes from personal responsibility are the ones who are selfish. Of course, we all understand this to be the mental illness known as liberalism.

It’s astonishing as we witness these failures of history repeat themselves I am continually able to draw upon a college experience that seems relevant to the topic at hand. Underneath it all is the issue of empowerment. We all know that over the years the battle to raise the debt ceiling has been waged annually, and every, single, solitary time the liberals get their way. When they do more people lose their jobs and those who have come to depend on government assistance become further enslaved to a debt that can never be paid back. This is empowerment? This is how we progress to the promised communist utopia? Having majored in social work many of the class room discussions revolved around social policy, which of course, to those who think will involve economics. utopia_obama_parody_poster-r37e9a67d908648fcad73992fb6600b99_wxq_8byvr_512To the liberals, everything revolves around the idea of having the moral high ground, and because they do not believe in God there are no consequences. Some of them may believe in God. However, to the hard core liberal the agenda always comes first, and the ends always justify their means. In this case, all that matters is that government was able to meet its obligations and keep everyone fed and happy. It doesn’t matter that the money had to be borrowed to do so because the end goal is the destruction of the U.S. dollar and capitalism, which of course will lead us to the brave new utopia. If this is the case, then isn’t the threat of rioting and government default proof of their failed ideology? If all of this government spending is supposed to solve all of our problems than why are we facing the certainty of an economic collapse? Why has a major portion of our population become so dependent that they will riot, loot and hurt other human beings if they were to lose their benefits? The answer is obvious, after all President Obama has added more to the national debt in a mere 19 months than all presidents before Ronal Reagan combined. According to liberal logic we should be on cloud nine by now.

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In class room discussions, when my professors would lead the unquestioning automatons to conclude that the answer to poverty is more government programs, I would often times ask what would happen to populations of people once the government ran out of money. This is a question that remained unanswered throughout my entire college career. In fact, in a paper I cited the fact that the U.S. government has spent over one trillion dollars to fight poverty only to see the poverty level rise higher than when the war on poverty began. The response was expected; they questioned my fitness for social work because I obviously wasn’t someone who would just go along with the program. I tried so hard to get people to see that the more money that was taken from the private sector to fund these programs the worse off the private sector would be. I tried to get them to see that funding these programs also required further taxation in order to pay the bureaucracy to administer it. They either didn’t get it or they didn’t care because through their whole educational career they have been told lies about America and capitalism. These lies continue today as the failed ideology of collectivism is constantly pushed on them as if Barrack Obama is finally the leader who will be able to make it work. The constant charade we see in Washington is designed to do nothing but give the useful idiots the impression that everything would be just fine, if only it wasn’t for us “selfish conservatives.” These useful idiots, because of the destruction of their incentive and ability to reason, will fall in line and react as desired by those manipulating them for their own purposes; and this is what progressives call progress.

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