Reports are coming out that failed presidential nominee Mitt Romney is scheduled to have lunch with Barack Obama at the White House on Thursday.

According to reports, no press coverage of the meeting will be allowed.

The meeting will take place in the private dining room of the White House and it will be the first time that both men have met in person since their final debate.

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A Romney aide called the lunch a gracious invitation from the president that the former GOP presidential challenger was glad to accept. Romney is also meeting with former running mate Rep. Paul Ryan while in town Thursday.

The obvious question is, why?

The Christian Science Monitor writes,

Following his reelection Mr. Obama said nice things about his ex-opponent, including that he’d like to sit down with him and hear Mr. Romney’s ideas about how to improve economic prospects for middle-income Americans.

“He presented some ideas during the campaign that I actually agree with,” said Obama in his post-election press conference.

It behooves Obama to be gracious, of course. With large margins of Americans telling pollsters they want Democrats and Republicans to work together, the lunch offer is a big flashing light of a signal that Obama intends to do just that. Or look like he’s doing that, at least. It could set a tone of civil discourse that the administration may want to continue to project in the months ahead.

There is no doubt that during the election cycle that both men "appeared" to be at odds with each other, though that can be debated. Clearly Barack Obama went after Romney claiming everything about how he was involved in killing a man's wife with cancer to him caring only about greedy rich people. He certainly made it known that he didn't regard Romney's economic policies as worthy of consideration as he continued to regurgitate his phrase of "We've tried it their way" referencing Republicans.

There are several things to consider in the meeting and it is mere speculation on my part, I confess. However, it was previously floated about that Romney would be offered a cabinet level position. Who knows, this may end up being Secretary of State. I highly doubt that though.

It could be that Romney would be offered a position as Obama's new Secretary of Business.

It could even be that it is behind closed doors to pick Romney's brain on some bit of economics. This way, if he implements anything that Romney advises and it fails he can then turn around and blame him for the failure, sort of like he's done the past four year to George W. Bush.

One thing I'm pretty sure of in all of this is that Chick-fil-a will not be served nor with the White House Honey Ale. Other than that, we will just have to see if any there are any leaks of the event.

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