Lunatic Leftists Can’t Stop Comparing Ted Cruz Filibuster To…

The Left’s hatred for all things sacred is rearing its ugly head once again. In comparing the Ted Cruz filibuster to stop Obamacare to the Wendy Davis’ pro-late term abortion “filibuster” in the Texas state senate, they continue to expose themselves as godless, immoral heathens. Thus, the gap between the parties widens. Let’s get real. The Democrats stand for one thing: Death.

Comparing what Ted Cruz did to what Wendy Davis attempted to do is to try to compare the streets of gold in Heaven to the fiery pit of Hell. But leave it to the loathsome leftists of the 1_photoHuffington Post and ThinkProgress to think that the two events bear similarity and that Davis’ effort was valiant. These outlets believe that Cruz is a “grandstander” and Davis a patriot. It’s the Ted Cruzes of the world that terrify the leftists, as he turns their upside-down, depraved worldview on its head.

He’s a freedom fighter, a man who’s sole mission is to try to save this country from complete self destruction. It’s the Wendy Davises of the world who prove that the radical left values murder, bondage, and a complete reveling in immorality, with the ultimate end being complete societal destruction.

The Ted Cruz filibuster means something to people who want to believe that there are still God-fearing, principled men in Washington. Yes, technically it wasn’t a “real” filibuster in that it won’t delay voting on the spending bill, which includes defuning Obamacare, but it was passionate. Ted Cruz wants to save lives, to save this country from falling into the hands of rabid socialists, hell-bent on turning America into a Marxist deathtrap.

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The Left is clueless. Charles Krauthammer said “he had executed a brilliant maneuver, if not to defeat Obamacare, then to highlight its flaws, and to seize the mantle of leadership of a conservative movement needing inspiration.”

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Exactly. This is it in a nutshell. But the Left is seething that Wendy Davis didn’t get as much attention in her own efforts to filibuster Texas’ anti-abortion legislation this past summer. How one can compare Davis arguing for late-term abortion to Cruz’s effort to defund Obamacare is unfathomable, and unconscionable.Wendy Davis

The wonderful people at Obama’s own Huff Post had this to say about it all, “Cruz, in fact, just thanked the people, who watched him filibuster, “from all across the country.” And people all across the country were, indeed, given copious access to his effort. Davis didn’t receive a similar benefit. To compare the two filibusters, and conclude that Cruz is getting the short end of the stick, is just laughable.”

This is a joke right? The Huffington Post never jokes about matters so obscene. They smear the right and worship the Leftist hacks until this is what they’re left to talk about. Their hatred for Cruz and his crusade for life shows the darkness and depravity that this nation faces on all fronts, and from all places.

Davis is advocating murdering unborn children, and she received nothing but the highest praise for it. She got more attention than anyone should ever receive for such shameless disregard for life. The mere thought of praising a woman, advocating for abortions after the 20th week of pregnancy is an affront to God, to life, and liberty. But she was lauded the highest official in the land, and Hollywood followers.

Yes this is from President Barack Obama, our abortionist in Chief. This is disgusting, but this was the kind of vindication Davis’s filibuster for death inspired. It’s deplorable. But if fits the liberal manifesto of “choice,” when a choice has already been made.

The shame and horror of praising Davis’ efforts to murder innocent babies defies comprehension. To further illustrate the lunacy, ThinkProgress steps in.

Davis successfully delayed an anti-abortion bill that didn’t come up for a vote during Texas’ regular session, but that was brought up for consideration during a special legislation session that was specifically convened to give lawmakers more time to enact abortion restrictions. Davis’ 11-hour filibuster — during which she wasn’t allowed to sit down, take a sip of water, cede the floor, or stray off topic — ran out the clock on that special session. The Senate was not able to vote on the abortion bill in time. Davis’ efforts were backed by hundreds of grassroots protesters who rallied against the abortion restrictions for weeks. Cruz, on the other hand, decided to launch a “speaking filibuster” against a continuing resolution that must be passed in order to keep the federal government operating.

There is no logic in this at all, except the logic that arguing for death is more valuable than arguing for liberty. Ted Cruz’s stand for liberty is an affront to Leftists, while Davis’ fight for the right to murder unborn children on demand is their Constitution.

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