Lt. Colonel Robert Bateman is A Jackass for Wanting to Disarm Americans

As most of my readers know, I am a Vietnam Combat Veteran, as is my father who is also a Korean War Veteran. My father and I fall into that just about extinct group sometimes called “believers”; we believe in the Constitution of The United States AS WRITTEN and IN THE CONTEXT IN WHICH IT WAS WRITTEN.

I first came across this reference to “Army Officer Wants To Disarm” on one of the most sane conservative sites out there, Freedom Outpost.

I am generally opposed to name calling except in those rare occasions when I feel an individual has, by exceptional effort, proven themselves worthy of a title other than “Mister,” “Miss,” or some generally recognized title like “Senator” or “Congressman”…Like DSIC for the “Dip-S***-In-Charge of the current outlaw regime in Washington. And now of course, Lt. Colonel Robert “Jackass” Bateman.

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During my father’s career and during my career, any political statement made in public would result in an immediate courts martial and a dishonorable discharge from the service.¬† Although I would like to think of more severe retribution for a member of our military officer corp who conducts themselves in this manner, I am strongly opposed to capital punishment for willful arrogance, ignorance, and outright stupidity; otherwise the entire congress would really have something to worry about.

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For any ill-informed, possibly semi-literate, self-aggrandizing, and generally ignorant individuals like Lt. Col. Jackass … I mean Bateman … I would strongly recommend that you take the time to read and carefully consider the thought process of the true framers of our Constitution as captured in The Federalist Papers.

The names change and the weapons of aggression on the freedoms of other men are improved in each cycle but the nature of man has never changed and never will and it was the recognition of this simple fact that guided those who constructed our Constitution.

If my random access memory serves me right, this is not the first piece of flotsam generated by this anal retentive moron whose one true goal appears to be to ingratiate himself with the Dictator of the Current Regime in order to assure his rise to General officer where he will undoubtedly be proud to take the oath to support “The Commander¬†(Dictator) In Chief” and “…to fire on American citizens when (not IF) so ordered.”

The reason that this particular article upset me so much is because I have served with some of the finest officers this country has ever produced; to include a Congressional Medal of Honor awardee. 

Leadership. That is the primary role of any officer. The primary mission of every individual who wears any uniform of our military is “…To Defend the Constitution.
No officer that that I ever served with would debase themselves or bring shame on the uniform of this country in such a manner.

The fact that this sad parody of a United States Military Officer is still wearing the uniform of this country as I write this is empirical evidence that he speaks for the commander / dictator in chief; a fact that all Americans should acknowledge with great trepidation; especially We The People who consider ourselves patriots.

At the moment (subject to change without notice), every man has the right to express their opinion. Lt. Colonel Robert Bateman has expressed his, and this is mine.

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