Living life as Useful Idiots is Such a waste

Since my last article, I have purposely kept my television off and I have stayed away from my computer. The reason for this was simple, I had to UN-plug from the world. Unlike some of my fellow contributors at Freedom Outpost, I do not write every day, but only when I feel compelled to do so. I turned on the news last night and there was a Sunday Panel with Chris Wallace and they were talking about the recent hullabaloo regarding Phil Roberts of Duck Dynasty. Kirsten Powers was talking about Mr. Roberts and referred to him as a “hateful, old racist bigot” and his interview with GQ magazine had “nothing to do with the 1st Amendment or religious liberty.” Then Juan Williams stepped up and went on about how “Conservatives are always complaining about hateful remarks from liberals like HBO’s Bill Maher and MSNBC’s Martin Bashir, but when conservatives make hateful remarks that they always want a pass and cite the 1st Amendment in defense.” Today, as I watched Fox News’ John Scot talking with liberal talk show host Alan Colmes about Benghazi, Colmes referred to the whole matter as a “fake scandal created by Republicans” and how it was a “non-issue.” Four Americans are dead and it’s a “non-issue”; a “fake scandal created by republicans to discredit President Obama”? That was as bad as Hillary saying “What difference does it make?”

Now, the above mentioned liberals are all accredited journalists in their own right. As they spoke, I could tell by watching them, they were indeed passionate and really believed what they were saying. As I kept watching, all I could think to myself was; now I fully understand the term, “Useful Idiots.”

Those same type of “useful idiots” always come to the forefront in defense of homosexuality, Islam, and atheists and are the very first to call Tea Party patriots, like myself, “racist, ignorant, misguided fools who really don’t know the first thing about the constitution.” Please excuse me, but I beg to differ. I read quite a bit and consider myself quite the amateur historian and there are two items above all, that I consider “required reading” in my home: the Bible, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights (Part of the Constitution). Once read, they are very clear in not only their meaning, but their intent as well. But to a liberal (or “useful idiot”) they are open not only for discussion but interpretation as well. When one reads both, to me anyway, they simply mean what they say and are clear as a bell in their intent. Now I don’t believe after reading the bible that Jesus hates homosexuals, he told us to love our neighbor, nor do I believe that after reading the constitution that it is a “living, breathing, document open to interpretation and is out of step with the current times.”

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To me, they simply are what they are and both apply to all men and women. I suppose, to an educated, enlightened liberal that makes me a fool, but I don’t see it that way. In a previous article, I made mention that in order for a communist overthrow of this nation certain steps had to be taken and they clearly mentioned that religion had to be replaced with “social religion” and homosexuality had to be made to seem as “normal healthy behavior.” It is obvious that Barack Hussein Obama doesn’t really care about homosexuals. They are merely tools to further a nefarious agenda upon this nation. Hollywood doesn’t care about them either, they are only used to make money off. They are the same “useful idiots” that I’ve been talking about.

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Political power and money; are you getting the big picture now?

However, as you settle down to spend your Christmas holiday with your family and friends, try not to dwell on what is wrong with the world, but instead, with what is right. Open your heart to the true meaning of what the birth of our Savior truly means to you and all those you know. As much as I disagree with all of those poor “useful idiots,” I will wish them a “Merry Christmas” as well.

From my family to all of you- God bless you all. Have a Merry Christmas and may you have a most happy New Year.

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