Like Other Wars, Syria is About Oil Because it Equals Power for the Global Elite

According to at least one article, there’s oil in “them thar hills” of the Golan Heights! Control of oil equals power for the Global Elite. Most will recall that the Golan Heights came under Israeli control during the Six-Day War of 1967. What is interesting here is that during that war, for the first several weeks, Israel was desperately losing ground (and many personnel) after being invaded/attacked on the Sabbath. Of course, Israel could not retaliate then and had to wait until the Sabbath passed.

Genie Energy
Genie Energy gets a permit to explore oil in Golan Heights
After several weeks, Israel got the upper hand and began not only regaining the land that had been taken away, but gained a foothold in more land. In fact, it was during the Six-Day War when Israel gained control of both sections of Jerusalem – east and west. In essence then, Jerusalem became united under Israeli control, something that had not existed for generations. Many believe that this is fulfillment of Zechariah 8:4-8. The other interesting point here though is that even though on paper, Israel controls all of Jerusalem, including the Temple Mount, leaders of Israel left that area in the physical hands of Arabs. This accounts for the angst with respect to the Temple Mount today.

During the Six-Day War, Israel greatly increased her borders, yet since that time, world leaders (including those of the USA) have insisted that Israel give land gained in the Six-Day War back to the nations they took it from then. Israel has consistently done this in a so-called exchange for peace program, but peace has never materialized. The countries that lost their land to Israel did so when they illegally attacked Israel. Israel fought back and gained land – the spoils of war. Not that long ago, even Obama wanted Israel to give all the land she had legally gained in that war, back to the nations from which the land was taken. Fortunately, PM Netanyahu clarified for Obama that was something he could not do because it would put Israel at great risk. I’m sure Obama was embarrassed at having to have this explained to him, but this is what happens when you are nothing more than a puppet for the Global Elite, put in office to do their bidding.

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The Golan Heights is one of those areas that Israel still controls and it is one of those areas that the world has been demanding Israel give back to Syria. Israel has steadfastly refused and for good reason.

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But now we learn that oil exists in those areas and “Murdoch, Cheney, Rothschild U.S.-Israeli Company” has been authorized to drill there. Check those names again. Murdoch, Cheney, Rothschild U.S. – Israeli Company. Interesting. If you know anything about the Global Elite, you know the name Rothschild plays a very important part in that group.

Oil in Golan Heights
Yep, it’s all about oil, which equals power, which creates control.

You see, Mayer Rothschild learned long ago (and passed this onto his sons, who passed it onto their sons, etc.) that earning lots of money is not an end unto itself. Many of us think it is and this is why people who win millions in the lottery one year wind up claiming bankruptcy a year or so later. The money controls them. Not so with Rothschild and other Global Elite luminaries. To them, money is a tool to be used. It is a means to the one thing they crave more than anything: power. They’re not trying to be the richest person in the world. They are trying to be the most powerful person in the world and yes, that takes plenty of money. Again though, money is merely a means to their decided end.

One of the chief ways that the Global Elite has amassed such unbelievable fortunes that give them access to any portion of the world’s boardrooms is by creating a monopoly on energy sources. Anywhere in the world there is oil, they need to control it. If they don’t control it, someone else will.

With respect to Syria, there is a great deal going on there. From my study, it appears as though the Global Elite has never been able to control Syria (or Russia and Iran for that matter). I’ve mentioned before that they need to do this if their goals for a NWO are to come to fruition. It won’t do to not have all areas of the world controlled to some extent by the Global Elite.

But even though they do not control Syria, they now have access to the Golan Heights oil. “The company that won the exploration license includes as shareholders Rupert Murdoch and Jacob Rothschild. Former U.S Vice President, Republican Dick Cheney works for the company as adviser.”

If you were to think that Obama’s big push against Syria is about oil for the global elite, you’d be correct. This is why he went way out on a limb even though he had lost the support of nearly all other countries involved and the majority of Americans don’t want him to attack Syria or send US troops there. Yet, individuals like McCain, Graham, and others seemed also not to hear (or care) what the people of America wanted. They appeared intent on getting us into a war with Syria.

Of all people, only Putin has been able to provide something that gave Obama an out. Leave it to the left though to come to the rescue of Obama with tweets like this one from David Axlerod:

It’s a bit ridiculous. It’s clear that though Obama drew line in sand (then denied it), Putin was the one who saved his rear end by offering him a way out to save face. For a guy who complained about America’s “colonialism” in the world, Obama sure likes to act the part of the warmonger. It’s tough to be a dupe for the Global Elite because they often put their puppets in precarious situations while they safely remain in the shadows.

If Obama were to attack Syria, a huge war would follow. It would devastate that part of the world and spill over into many other parts as well. But, the Global Elite would be able to use the war as cover to go into Syria and loot the country while no one is looking.

For now though, it appears that they will have to contend themselves with the oil they can get from the Golan Heights. Remember, it’s really not about money. It’s about the power that can be gained from having all that money. Beyond this, the more natural resources they control, the greater their power because they can bring the world to its knees.

One day, that’s exactly what they plan to do too.

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