Like Europe, the United States is Funding Terrorism Directly

For years the mantra of the right, me included, was to drill for oil and gas domestically – and one of the main reasons was to not fund terrorism – indirectly.

Well, it seems Obama, Kerry and the gang are cutting out the middleman. Europe is doing the same – directly funding their own killers – albeit in a different way, and involuntarily.

Muslim terrorists have taken up the ancient art of kidnapping. They grab a rich/important member of European society and ransom him or her to fund the killing of Europeans or others.

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Unlike some charities, where one can choose which cause they fund, the Europeans are not given that choice.

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There is no 800 number to call and pay the ransom – that might go something like: “You have reached the terrorist ransom payment center. To reveal your payment amount and to get your loved one back – press one. You owe $100,000 to retrieve your loved one. If you wish your donation to go to killing only Jews – press two. If you wish your donation to go towards only killing Americans – press three” – and so on.

Of course, this is absurd, and heartless. I apologize for that – but the Europeans must know that they can’t continue down this path. It will never end until they stand up and fight these savages.

They only have to look back at American history and our conflict with the (Muslim) Barbary Pirates, who did the same to us for years, until President Jefferson had had enough.

But even the Europeans can’t top the stupidity of our present-day administration, with Obama and Kerry at the helm.

No one is holding anyone or anything for ransom. Instead, we are willingly giving truckloads of cash directly to Hamas, who we all know is hell-bent on the destruction of Israel and us.

Meanwhile, as we offer millions in “humanitarian” aid to murderers, Obama is busy trying to bully our one ally into a phony cease-fire.

Yes, Bill Hoffmann at Newsmax reported on Tuesday that, “President Barack Obama yelled at Benjamin Netanyahu during a tense phone conversation as he demanded that the Israeli Prime Minister agree to an unconditional humanitarian cease-fire in Gaza…”

According to Danny Danon, a Likud party member of the Knesset and Netanyahu’s former deputy minister of defense: “It was not a pleasant conversation if you saw what happened… It was not pleasant. He was yelling and telling Prime Minister Netanyahu what he should do and what he should not do.”

It’s as I wrote in an article in March of this year entitled, “This Is What “Leading From Behind” Gets Us.”

Obama is a classic bully. He will only pick on whom he thinks he can control, and Netanyahu/Israel is one country he feels he can get away with pushing around.

But what of Hamas? Well, Hamas began in 1967 as a wing of the Muslim Brotherhood. In 1978, they registered, with Israel no less, as a nonprofit religious organization.

Now I thought the Democrats were the great defenders of the mythical “Separation of Church and State,” but I guess that’s only for Christians and Jews.

Imagine Obama or John Kerry offering Catholic charities $47 million to rebuild some war-torn area. Yeah, that would happen.

Heck, even Bill Clinton, for all his flaws, would never even consider giving money or any support to terrorists.

Back in 1994, the Clinton administration urged Yasir Arafat of the PLO to crack down on Hamas. Clinton Secretary of State Warren Christopher told Arafat he would have to choose between peace with Israel and thus by extension us, or side with Hamas.

Christopher told reporters on Air Force One, “Either get along with Hamas or get along with Israel and us.”

I don’t know how this will end, but I’ll bet it won’t end well.

Maybe we move to Canada, where their Prime Minister gave Netanyahu Canada’s full support and said that, “Ending the war does not require Israeli restraint.”

In other words, do what you have to do to crush them.

That’s a real leader.

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