Life over Liberty: Thank you sir may I have another!

I’ll take Life over Liberty every day of the week.  What’s a minor inconvenience of randomly being checked for explosives at the airport?  Does it really matter that during my annual physical that they take my blood to ensure my BMI is not in line being 60 lbs. over the national standard, so I will now be paying a little extra for my health insurance? Obama care’s death panels are only for the really old, right? By the time I hit 80 I’ve lived a good life, and selfishly taking up the new generation’s resources is asking a bit much don’t you think?  Life is fairly mundane around here, so if I find myself in the midst of social networking or talking on the phone stating key words like: DHS, NSA, contraband, Terrorist, Katyusha rocket launcher, Iran, Obama, Romney, Nullification, Tenth Amendment, Ron Paul, well, you get the idea. Big deal that some software picks up those key phrases and it goes through a stop gap real live data center in Arizona that might get audited by some 21 year old who just got his top clearance. I just don’t have anything interesting about me that will get anyone excited. I am just a normal guy with a great family that loves to watch the summer movie blockbusters, all the St. Louis Cardinals games on and eat a steak dinner once a month at Longhorn Steakhouse.

Liberty, well I guess if I thought I once had it, shines only in the figment of my imagination. Liberty is just what you think you want and don’t necessarily need or have.  Who is really free with all this new global intervention and worldwide economy anyway?  Besides, don’t elected/selected two party individuals with the protection of the government now conducting “Legal Plunder?”

No sir, I haven’t heard much rhetoric that it is going to come down to bullets or ballots in the future. If I did, I am sure it would be from one of those “crazy neighbors” where the deputies knock on the wrong door in the middle of the night. Yes, I will learn how to comply with the “new” rules and regulations. I will teach my children that the State is the innovator and “builder” of the best things they will encounter in the future. Who else builds bridges, interstates, and the Internet? If they want to be successful, I will encourage them to head toward government-focused positions like TSA Administrator, Drone Intervention Specialist, or if they are really ambitious the IRS Healthcare Division. Jobs? There will be plenty of Jobs!

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Patrick Henry in his famous speech stated, “Why stand we here idle? What is it that gentlemen wish? What would they have? Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery?”

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What is everyone getting so excited about? What difference does it make that the current administration has a few ideological differences from those of the Founders?  Please people! This isn’t 1776! Calm down! A few extra taxes, a few extra check points on a Tennessee road, and giving up your first amendment rights like Charlie Schumer states, “we have liable laws”.

Liberty is freedom from physical constraint. Thank goodness no one is threatening to put on those “chains of slavery” like they did back 200 plus years ago. Thank goodness “real men” like Charlie Schumer are helping everyone with “equality” issues to maintain status quo where everything remains balanced and equal with all of those that may want to upset the apple cart. Thank goodness real men like Mitt Romney aren’t calling out for embarrassing investigations like Donald Trump of Obama’s birth certificate or Fast and Furious. The Republican Party has real men of character, and at least they don’t do any legal plundering, right?

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