Lies About Benghazi Debunked

I have been waiting impatiently for Congress to hurry up and resume. I am looking forward to the mid-term elections. I want Harry Reid out of his position as Senate Majority Leader as soon as possible. There are over 300 bills collecting dust on his desk. But...

Justice for Benghazi is the primary reason for my impatience. I know that most of the 'interviews' will be behind closed doors, but with Trey Gowdy's spit and fire, we will hear the highlights. I would give just about anything to be in the room when Gowdy gets Hillary nailed to the wall. I'm hoping for criminal charges and serious jail time. I know it is not a realistic expectation, but I can always pray. I think it is going to come down to the wire with Eric Holder. I hope Gowdy can get Holder after Holder leaves office. Then neither Hillary or Holder will have the protections of their former positions. They do not deserve any special considerations. Valerie Jarrett is another major player I hope gets nailed. She was in the Situation Room watching everything happening, in REAL TIME. She was the one who issued the first of three "STAND DOWN" orders. I know the military is saying that actual 'stand down' orders were not given specifically, that those two exact words were not used, but in essence, it was a 'stand down' order. The order that was requested approval for is "Cross Border Authority," it can only be approved by the President, therefore, no military operation could be initiated. The men on the ground actually asked for the order to be repeated, they could not believe that they were not given authorization. She is the shadow standing in Obama's shadow. She is one of the real players. George Soros whispers in her ears, not Obama's. Maybe, we will get lucky and an Obama Impeachment will come out of this or at least some criminal convictions. I want to see these traitors perp walked in handcuffs.  

This situation is a nightmare. Ambassador Christopher Stevens was the target. He played a central role in the illegal arming of Syrian rebels in the failed OPERATION ZERO FOOTPRINT, another one of Eric Holder's wise ideas. The 'CIA safe house' was also where weapons were being held. Originally, it was supposed to be a kidnapping and seizure of the weapons, but it went terribly wrong. As per Clinton, all Security was pulled prior to 9/11/2012. Clinton was assured that the Libyan Security Forces were sufficient to protect Stevens and the staff at this compound.

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It is my belief that the narrative of it being a kidnapping gone bad is an excuse. I think between Hillary Clinton and Valerie Jarrett, an assassination was plotted and planned and carried out. Ambassador Christopher Stevens was never supposed to come out of Benghazi alive. He knew too much. I think there was also blackmail going on. Clinton, Jarrett, and others maintained control over Stevens by threatening to broadcast that he was a homosexual. Remember, he was a married man with small children, this would have had major consequences in his private life. I think he decided to 'come out' on his own, which removed any power they had over him. This left him free to tell the truth about the illegal arms being given to the Syrian rebels.  

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The rest of the deaths were merely collateral damage. The Libyan security forces that did not join in on the attack, fled the scene. Over 400 surface to air missiles are still unaccounted for. There were approximately 30 Americans present at this compound, 28 managed to make it to safety, with the assistance of CIA operatives. Sean Smith, a State Department computer specialist, was not so lucky. This was the first attack. Sean Smith and Ambassador Stevens suffered inhumane treatment before finally dying of smoke inhalation. Ambassador Stevens' body was dragged out of building and tossed around by the terrorist, who were yelling and proclaiming "Allah Akbar!" I have seen the video of this event. Chris Stevens and Sean Smith never had a chance. To my knowledge, Sean Smith's body was left in a hallway inside the building.

Now, back in Washington, Valerie Jarrett and Tommy Vietor and other staffers are watching this attack play out in the Situation Room of the White House. The video feed was also being shown at the State Department. Valerie Jarrett and Leon Panetta made sure Obama was not there, plausible deniability. Obama, Panetta, General Martin Dempsey (Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff) were in the Oval Office from 5:00pm to 5:30pm. They were then joined by Chief of Staff, Michael Lynch of the Democratic Policy and Communications Center, former deputy press secretary, Christopher Scribner, and Obama's Legal Counsel, Pete Rouse. (D-NY) Senator Charles Schumer who signed in the White House logs at 5:30pm and stayed until 11:59pm also joined this group in the Oval Office. At this point, everyone that is responsible for shielding our first dark-skinned, foreign President, is scrambling. Valerie Jarrett is making sure that everyone that could help our people in Benghazi are in 'stand down' mode. At the time, there were military officers that are pissed as hell, because they know this is all wrong. Survivors might need help and those attacking need to be dealt with, and they all just missed their C130. Jarrett did not want any survivors or any of the insurgents captured. The White House had a lie and they were sticking to it.

Gregory Hicks, senior ranking agent in Tripoli was the last one to speak to Ambassador Chris Stevens, and Mr. Hicks was the first to break rank and blow the whistle. He knew his friend was about to die and he was helpless to do a damn thing about it. He is the real reason any of the Benghazi hearings have moved forward. After he told the truth, it was like permission for everyone else to do so. Except for the Valeries and Hillarys who would bite their own tongue off to keep from telling the truth...any truth. By now, the first attack is over. Reports vary over whether there were two or three attacks. From what I have been able to gather, I think it was two actual attacks on the 'safe house', with the second attack actually being on a different CIA compound. Now, Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty, both former SEALS, were working as contractors for the CIA. There were approximately 20 of these 'former SEALS' located at a third CIA location in Benghazi.

I have to interject something here. For the rest of this article, any 'former SEAL' will be referred to as a SEAL, period. Anyone who has ever had contact with a SEAL, knows that a SEAL is a SEAL until they die. No matter what they go through, these guys...well, these guys are the embodiment of honor, integrity, strength, and soul.

Back to Benghazi, Tyrone Woods was the ring leader, he requested permission for all of the SEALS to go to the CIA safe house to do whatever they could to help the Americans there. The request was denied, 'stand down' number two. Then Tyrone Woods requested that just himself and Glen Doherty go, once again, request denied, 'stand down' number three. Being SEALS, and everything that encompasses, they openly defied orders in an effort to save American lives. Had they survived, their careers would have been shredded, but their integrity would have been intact. Sadly, they did not survive. The remaining 18 SEALS went to the CIA compound that was the second attack. From all the reports I have read, there were injuries, some severe, but no deaths at this compound.

Back at the 'safe house' compound, the fighting has lulled and this allowed Ty Woods and Glen Doherty to scope out the best position. At this point information is sketchy at best. The compound is burning, alleged Libyan Security Forces are scrambling around, and more insurgents are entering the compound. It is chaos. Smoke is limiting visibility. It is 5:40am, the SEALS are seeing a slightly lavender-pink line on the horizon. There have been rumors that the insurgents fighting Woods and Doherty thought there was a group fighting them, not just two guys.

In Washington, the cover up is in full swing. Email writers and editors have been up all night spinning their yarns. Making sure every narrative is perfect, just the right tone, just the right amount of righteous indignation. Stage notes in the margins to be followed, a tear here, a choke up and throat clearing there. Obama was in meetings in the Oval Office until 11:59pm, then went upstairs to bed. Operation CYA is successful.

There are numerous questions that will never be sufficiently answered. There are plenty of people who were involved on some level that will never be named or testify. There are lies that will never be uncovered. This is Benghazi in extremely broad strokes. There is some speculation on my part, but it is based on an educated version of connect the dots.

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