Well we have seen how the left hates Chick-Fil-A and we have seen how the leftist leaning Olympic committee wouldn't let a husband and wife room together in the Olympic village, but would allow homosexual couples to room together. Now we are seeing how the "tolerant" liberals, you know those who just love everyone and want to get along and just wish the intolerant conservatives would stop being so hateful, went after a young Olympic trap shooter named Corey Cogdell.

Ms. Cogdell was a bronze medalist at the 2008 Olympic games in Beijing, but she is also a trophy hunter.

After posting some pictures of herself with animals she killed, liberal activists took to Twitter expressing their love, ur um hatred of Ms. Cogdell with some even calling for her to shoot herself.

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I just wonder how any of these Twitter nuts that are writing some of this crap against Ms. Cogdell would even survive if they didn't have their local grocery or convenience store. I'll just bet they think all the food just magically appears there out of nothing. Should things get a little tough for them in the world, God forbid they need meat to eat or a weapon to defend themselves.

I certainly can say that Corey's mother and father must be very proud of their daughter. They have taught her discipline and helped her perfect an ability that the haters do not know. Perhaps it is more like a jealous rage that these liberals are putting forth in their tweets. They only wish they were as good at what they do as Ms. Cogdell is at what she does.

I'm sure Corey could feel the love in these tweets:

Look, people are entitled to their opinion about hunting and any other issue, but calling for violence against another person like this is unacceptable. Twitter should be dealing with their subscribers a bit more seriously. These were some of the "lighter" comments posted. For even more vile calls for Corey's life check out this. However Twitter is not alone. Facebook has some issues they need to sort out as well.

It seems some of these people's parents didn't teach them to play well with others. They are also a shame to their parents as well. I grew up in a day when you respected other people, but threatening someone in this fashion was something that would have been considered completely out of line. I suppose though it's easy to go off on someone from behind a computer screen or a smartphone instead of manning up and actually confronting a young lady with a double barrel shotgun in her hands.

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