This is How Liberals Read Conservative Articles

We are all aware that there are “fringe” groups associated with the Conservative movement in this country. There are “religious right” groups that would establish their well-intentioned version of the American Taliban as the ruling authority in this nation. There are the “gun nuts” who advocate all out civil war against the current regime. I have been to war and pray to God that this country never has to pass through that national trauma. The list of “fringe” groups is almost endless depending on one’s definition of the term “fringe.” I welcome each and every one of them, patriots all.

 “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” – Sun Tzu

And there are the creative writers; those who will take a simple single fact and turn it into a completely false statement of truth; sometimes as a tongue-in-cheek poking fun at the liberal left and perhaps sometimes designed to deliberately evoke anger; a useful tool in getting people off their duffs. And most of these literary efforts are so blatantly outrageous that we all desperately want to believe them but know them for just what they are.

Until very recently, I have been blissfully ignorant of the outrageousness, possibly mentally deranged, propensities of our counterparts on the liberal left.

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Recently, I was doing some research for a friend and I found my name referenced in a link to some web site that I had never heard of. So out of curiosity, I followed the link, and that caused me to expand my research in a totally different direction.

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A couple of years ago I was looking for an article that I had posted to a web site back in September of 2011. Because my name is somewhat unusual – I am the only Darwin Rockantansky that I know – I did a Google search on my name. No luck. When I did the same search recently, Google returned…the first ten pages of countless links.

Some of those links were to sites on which I post my articles like Tea Party Nation and Freedom Outpost, among others. Many of those links led to conservative web sites where people have reposted my articles.

Let me take this opportunity to say: Thank you, one and all who care enough to share my writings. I periodically remind my readers that anything that I publish under my “Red Ink” banner may be republished / redistributed at will – intact.  Again, I say, “Thank You” to all those who choose to do so.

What caught me totally unexpected was the sheer number of liberal sites that cite my writings. Notice that I said, “cite,” not “republish.” Where the conservative sites typically republish my articles in full or in part with a link to another site like Tea Party Nation or Freedom Outpost, the liberal sites “cherry pick” statements out of context and then go berserk.

Now let me be honest here.  I am not really into self-abuse sufficient to make me read everything these deranged socialist have to say.

To me, attempting to read the nonsense on some of these liberal web sites is sort of like watching “Grandpa Jones” dribbling pea soup down his chin and over his fully exposed ample belly while he tries to recite Shakespeare‘s “MacBeth” …in Swahili; very unsettling, grossly offensive and deeply disturbing in some strange way.

One such site “clipped” part of my article “When Does Rape Become Enjoyable?” which was published in November of 2013 in protest of the injustice and unconstitutional aspects of Obamacare. In the liberal CC&R (Comment, Criticism, and Ridicule) parsing of that article – or at least the portion they chose to cite – I was called a “feminist”… several times. Now I admit that I am basically ignorant of much in this world, and in my limited vision of things I always thought that the term “feminist” was an adjective applied to people of the female persuasion. The last time I checked, about ten minutes ago, I am very much male. I will have to think about that one for a while.

On another liberal site, the writer quoted a portion of the article in which I did, in fact, state that something to the effect of:

“At one time when I lived in California, I actually voted for a Democrat because the Republican candidate for that office made David Duke (former Grand Wizard of the KKK) look like a bleeding heart liberal.”

Further down in that same article the writer stated that I admitted to voting for David Duke.  Hello! Does anybody actually read this crap and not see the contradiction?

Now I am no expert on voting rules and laws and such as is my good friend Dianne Burnett of True The Vote, but it is my understanding that in order to vote in a state, you must be a resident of that state.  Unless, of course, you are a Democrat, in which case you can vote as many times as you like in as many states as you can. I am not sure how that works, but I will check with Dianne Burnett and see if she can explain it to me.

As most of you are aware, my signature block includes “Las Vegas, Nevada.” I have been to Louisiana many times; sometimes for business, and sometimes for pleasure. However, I have never been there long enough to register to vote. Perhaps that is because I am not a Democrat. I checked on that about ten minutes ago as well.

These tactics of the liberal propaganda hell hounds do not surprise me in the least bit and does not offend me in the least either. After all, I am a disabled Vietnam Veteran and have more than half a life time of being offended by uneducated and illiterate people.

I have long discussions with my good friend and neighbor, “The Big Democrat” a couple times a week, and I enjoy his intellectual gymnastics as he tries to hold the party line. It is fun and invigorating, not unlike jogging; and like jogging, it feels so fine when you quit.

My assessment of this recent discovery tells me one thing: If the Liberal Army has turned the efforts of some dumb schmuck like myself into some sort of a lightning rod for their wrath and ridicule, then We The People, YOU – The American Patriot, are doing something right.

Keep spreading the word. Stay rational, stay honest and accurate, stay calm and assured in our message and keep the creeps crawling for cover.

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