Liberals Aren’t Very Liberal, Are They?

For a group of people that jump up and down and swear that they are ‘tolerant’ and ‘open-minded,’ liberals, as a whole or group, are very angry and close-minded. When I am looking for inspiration for a new article, I look at many venues from all aspects of media and one place I usually check-out is Craigslist; in either the political forum or in the “Rants and Raves” section. There is a Craigslist for every major city in the United States and one can find just about whatever you want there. In the R & R (Rants and Raves) section there you will find some of the single most rabid, mad-dog anti-republican/conservative, anti-Christian postings imaginable. They use the most disgusting language when describing them (us), they don’t pull any punches and always go for the jugular! It’s like reading the most violent and pornographic version of Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” (if that is even possible), but they do take it up (or ‘down’ depending on your point of view) to the worst level humanly imaginable. Posting anything in that section if you’re a Christian or Conservative is like drenching yourself in blood and jumping into a tank of hungry sharks. They instantly tear you to pieces and laugh about it while doing it. There is no mercy shown and none given. Prior to the election of Barack Obama, the R & R section was the place to go to blow-off steam and have a friendly argument over really silly stuff. However, since the election of Obama it is a cesspool for the left-wing.

I do, however, get a kick out of reading posts by so-called “liberals.” They are always accusing others of racism. Everybody is a bigot in some way and to say that you are not is a bald-faced lie. “Liberals,” for instance, believe that all people of color are either too stupid, or too lazy to be able to take care of themselves or live without assistance either from them, or the government. Either by charity, food stamps or subsidized housing, liberals think that without them, people of color wouldn’t be able to take care of themselves or their offspring.

“Liberals” also believe that those same people of color, the elderly, students and the poor are not even able to apply for, or be able to afford an I.D. card (which everyone over the age of 18 is required by law to have). “Liberals” are also one of the most “intolerant” groups of people, because if you disagree with them on any issue – they call you a myriad of insulting names like: Homophobe – Racist – Islamaphobe and many other hateful slurs.

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Liberals are also very bigoted when it comes to people of faith (well mainly Christians) and call them horrible, hateful things and openly mock God in the most disgusting ways. Arguing with a liberal on Craigslist is like playing chess with a pigeon, no matter how good you are at chess the pigeon will just knock over all of your pieces, poop all over the board and strut around victoriously. Never-ever have a conversation with a liberal about man-made global warming or climate change, unless you want to be called a “flat-Earther.”

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In fact, self-styled “liberals” aren’t very “liberal” at all. So I say to you liberals out there, quit trying to BS or put a guilt trip on the rest of us. You are the most closed-minded people on the planet. The difference between us is: Conservatives freely admit our faults, but at least we constantly strive to be better, and even though we heartily disagree with your entire ideology, we will defend your right to free speech (unlike “liberals” who want to curtail our God given rights). You “liberals” aren’t very “liberal” at all! You are the single most hateful and angry group of human beings in the world today, so quit trying to con the rest of us. You are the exact opposite of what you claim, and everybody sees it, but you.

And one more very important thing: Liberals would rather see this country destroyed than admit they are wrong, and that makes them a danger to you, me and this nation.

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