Black Americans Have Allowed Liberal Policies Based On Corrupt Motives To Destroy Their Families

We have reached a point in American society where the consequences of some very bad decisions are coming due. Like Detroit Michigan, the rest of the country is poised to experience the same fate as the misguided policies of liberalism rear their ugly head and reap destruction wherever implemented. Weather it is multiculturalism, wealth redistribution or power hungry politicians making promises they know they cannot keep; liberalism guarantees a utopia where supposed intellectual elites will make the decisions we struggle with every day. This is where the heart of the problem lies because once you remove a person’s responsibility for the choices they make, you effectively destroy their humanity. People cannot learn if they do not reap the consequences of their decisions, and with today’s public schools ensuring children believe in moral relativity as opposed to moral absolutes they are sending these children into positions of great power. This is why we have political elite, who can see the consequences of their liberal policies in a city like Detroit, wash their hands of them because it served their political ends. These political ends are absolute power and control over a permanent voting base of course.

The greatest, relevant example of what liberalism can do, not only to a society but to the entire people that make up the black population in the United States. Since the days of Lyndon B. Johnson and the great society programs that promised the black family freedom from responsibility, they have become more and more impoverished. That is because they have been lied to and told they do not have to try, and because of their ancestors history they are entitled. Surely, slavery was a great travesty against mankind but it was a worldwide phenomenon that saw European whites enslaved in Egypt as late as the 1880’s. The real travesty is not telling today’s blacks the truth about the history of their current slave masters. There has been a deliberate attempt to destroy the black family through welfare spending and government dependency by the Democrat Party in order to secure a permanent voting base and these politicians, in an effort to hide the facts of their racist past; which connects to the KKK and the lynching of blacks, as well as white republicans who fought for real equality, project their sins onto the rest of society acting as if they are the saviors of the black race. You can thank our education system, as well as the history books simply tell a story of Lyndon Johnsons great society as being a successful program while he was responsible for passing civil rights legislation. Never mind that as Senate Majority leader he ensured the same civil rights legislation put forth by republican president Dwight Eisenhower didn’t pass, only so he could usurp it upon assuming the presidency. To quote Lyndon Johnson “I’ll have those ni**ers voting democratic for the next two hundred years.”

Today we see young black men whose unemployment rates are the highest in the nation, whose inner city communities have been ravished by democrat politicians promising a free ride not knowing any other direction to turn but to lash out violently against those they have been taught to hate. They have been turned into monsters as across the country they muster into a mob mentality and attack innocent people because they believe they have been oppressed. The truth is, they are being oppressed. They are being oppressed by those that stand something to gain by a divided America. They are being oppressed by those that depend on their guaranteed vote so they can stay in power and keep the business of welfare funding going. Now these politicians turn their blind eyes as inner city blacks are killing each other off in the ghettos that liberal Democrats have created for them. I suppose it makes sense when you look at the liberals support for abortion and Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood was founded by Margaret Sanger and she was actually pretty intent on getting rid of the Negro population.

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Sadly, it seems that today’s younger blacks, through indoctrination as opposed to education, have been conned into supporting their own downfall through failed liberal policies. Affirmative action is another example. Liberal democrats intent on keeping a secure voting base have convinced black people that they are not as capable as whites and therefore are entitled to lower standards when it comes to college admissions and employment. The lower standard mentality is now even being applied in our high schools. Apparently, this is angering some black people, as it should, but when will they realize that their president supports this? Believing that one group of people is not as capable as another is an example of real blatant racism, yet because there is a free handout involved in it accepted. This is why the black population is where it is today, because they have allowed corrupted liberal policies based on corrupted motives to destroy their families and take away their choice.

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That is the real racism and oppression against black America today, the destruction of their ability to choose. I can’t imagine that these black gangs that are running around attacking innocent people would really have made these choices without the race baiting and agitating coming from those who have something to gain. I can’t imagine that a young gang member, who risks life and death every day in the hood would not have made a different choice if he was just told the truth. Instead of telling him that he is oppressed and the white man keeps him down, why not teach him that America is the land of opportunity. It’s funny, and I know I have said this before but the significance of it I believe is paramount for the times. The Schools of Social Work I attended, Northeastern State University where I received my bachelor’s degree, and The University of Oklahoma where I am currently engaged in intellectual combat to get the degree they are withholding from me both taught that America is an oppressive nation that uses power and influence to keep the poor and disadvantaged oppressed. They taught that the capitalist system was the oppressor and the reason why people are impoverished. I fought this notion with every fiber of my being, but one day it dawned on me. They are right, America has become and has been an oppressive nation, it’s just that it is the liberal institutions and the liberal politicians that have agendas and need voters to carry out these agendas that are the oppressors and they accuse their opposition of doing such in order to deceive their targeted populations.

America, it’s time we face this head on and make the efforts to educate black Americans before it is too late.

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