LGBT Islamophilia Explained

The psychosis of the LGBT Left not only causes the Left to

but it keeps concerned and observant citizens up at night wondering, “How could so many LGBT people tolerate a political leadership which is so batshit insane?”

In this article, I provide the first answer, which explains the above pathologies.

The “religiously neutral” LGBT Islamophilia explanation examined

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Previous authors have claimed that the enigma of LGBT Islamophilia owes to the Left and Islam’s mutual interest in decimating Western civilization, and the LGBT Left can build their utopia from America’s ashes.

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While both the LGBT civilization-destroyers (i.e., the entire LGBT movement) and the Islamic civilization-destroyers (i.e., the entire Islamic movement) wish to destroy civilization, it is intellectually impossible to understand LGBT arguments for wishing to partner with people who are either going to throw them off buildings or behead them. The Left are irrational here, and it is not possible to rationally understand irrationality. Instead, this irrationality can be understood as emerging from a will so strong that rationality is sacrificed to it.

The Left are not batshit stupid, they are batshit insane.

The Left are willing to die for something. What Great Cause underlies their commitment, even unto death?

Genesis of our solution to explain the enigma of LGBT Islamophilia

Just by looking at the LGBT collective, at this collective before it united with the Mohammadian conscience-resistors, we have a possible answer: United we LGBTers stand, divided we fall.

One notes that even apart from Islamic considerations, the LGBT movement is already united by mutual conscience violation: get behind my conscience-violating crusade and I will stand for your conscience-violating crusade. It is politically powerless to say, “I just wish to be a male sodomite and I don’t care about your sexual deviancies.” It is much more politically powerful to say, “I give my political support to your sexual immorality so that we can all give our political support for a truck load of sexual immorality.”

To those outside the sexual perversion community, one adult consensual sexual perversion is perhaps as perverse as another.

Moreover, it is not a coincidence that the LGBTers support other non-sexual conscience-resistance. The LGBT religion strongly correlate with state-based legal plundering (LP) religion, also known as covet thine neighbor’s goods-ism. So the legal plunderers at least subconsciously say to the LGBT people, “Support us in our legal plunder conscience-violation, and we will support you in consensual sexual perversion conscience-violation.”

The LGBT-LP conscience resistance collective already has so much in common with Islam. Both Islam and the LGBT-LP collective

  • do not place a premium on conscience, but on servility and conscience-resistance (ex-gays are not acknowledged even to exist, while ex-Muslims, by all four schools of Sunni jurisprudence, enjoy no legal right to life that would punish even their vigilante executers)
  • celebrate legal plunder. The Koran celebrates religious apartheid, with the Jizya tax designed to bring about kuffar (infidel) “acknowledgment of [Islamic] superiority and they [kuffar infidels] are in a state of subjection” (9:29). The legal plunder mob apparently do not object to this non-LGBT religious expression in their latte.
  • do not celebrate this God-given heterosexual romance with men and women as equal Divine image-bearers cast in complementary roles. Valentine’s Day is thus prohibited in both authentic Communistic and Islamic cultures.
  • fight against God. (Allah is not God.)

Even free–market assailing unions and abortionists are perfect together in celebrating conscience violations.

The “Parallel religious” explanation for LGBT Islamophilia examined

Philosopher Roy Clouser argued well that religious neutrality—in inter–aspectual disciplines like politics—is philosophical fiction. But, of course, politics is full of philosophical fiction. And humanistic batshit.

Consistent with Dr. Clouser’s argument, other thinkers have correctly diagnosed the Left as being a church-like group. Moreover, these thinkers find a parallel religious structure. One thinker describes the Left’s parallel religious structure as “Godless” and another as “puritanical.”

Clearly, an explanation which recognizes an LGBT religion not only has intrinsic intellectual merits, but, because both the Left and the Right believe the falsehood that there exists religious neutrality, it has sociological merits too. But while the Left are religious, their religion is not parallel to the Christian religion. The Left’s religion is anti-parallel to the Christian religion.

Only God can explain this Leftist psychosis

The Left’s war on conscience is a proxy for their war on God. God is that Great Cause against which the Left abandons its humanity, rationality, sanity, and even its own life. One does not sacrifice these virtues to wage a war against an evil foe. It is only raw evil will against a good foe which can explain the Left’s behavior.

If you are going to fight the Devil, you should keep your wits and your sanity. But if you are going to fight God, the Great Lover of Your Soul, then you have nothing that you could possibly gain from such insanity. You might as well dispose of your virtues in your hateful campaign against both God and His human image-bearers. Because the Left are motivated out of pure will and hate, they have little need for rationality. Even the Left’s humanity becomes self–destroyed in their war against their Maker.

At the core of the Left’s psychosis, one finds—instead of expressing shame for their disgraceful perversions—that they rage violently at those who would expose their perversions. The Left perversely rage in order to promote their perversions. The Left act cruelly and inhumanely in order to advance evil.

  • For questioning Islam, we are “Islamophobes” and somehow even “racists.”
  • For questioning adult consensual sexual perversity, we are “homophobes.”
  • For attempting to rescue unborn girls and questioning the thesis that women are such monsters that they should be allowed to murder their unborn, we are “anti-women.”

But it gets truly batshit insane when the Left enjoins violence to their multiplied and nested perversions: For refusing to bake a lesbianism cake, we are vandalized, threatened to have our children sodomized and killed, and onerously fined by the courts.

Our hypothesis of the Left raging against God is the only possible explanation that can explain this insane violence on top of shameless vitriol. This is the response of one retaliating against those who reinforce the Left’s already tormented conscience. It is a tormented conscience which drives this hair-trigger insane Leftwing violence.

Not only does God come to the rescue intellectually by providing an explanation the insanity of the Left, but God-less explanations are found to come short. God is not an irrelevancy to man’s problems. God so defines the Left that it is more accurate to say that the Left are “anti-God” than to say that the Left are “Godless” or “puritanical.” Moreover, the Left themselves evidence proof for God and are found—despite whatever ostensible self-professions to the contrary—to believe in God and have their God issues central to defining who they are. In their lust to kill God, the Left, of course, only strengthen the sociological evidence for God.

Jesus Christ divides not only time, but also people

Another philosopher, Norman Geisler, showed that there are only seven theoretically possible world views. But there is theory and then there is sociological reality. The sociological reality is that whatever the Left thinks they are—atheists, agnostic, pantheist new-agers… —they actually are theists. The Left are anti-Christs.

So while there are seven theoretical world views, in practice, we all seem to be theists. But there then are both sane and insane theists.

Like the Devil, the Left—even if subconsciously—know that God exists.

It is time we open our eyes to understand that a burning hatred for God is the basis for the psychosis of the Left. The Left are tormented by their God–given consciences. Their opposition to their consciences and natural law drives them insane. Already tormented with a bad conscience, their insanity is made acute when a Christian, even if gently, suggests that the message the Leftist is hearing from his conscience has validity.

I lift my hands up to the Lord to worship Him, and the Left hate me for it. The Left hate me for my Goodness. The Left hate me because Christ is my life.

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