Letting Sleeping Dogs Lie – Is VA Secretary Eric Shenseki Under Orders to let the VA Scandal go by the Wayside?

Yesterday, Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki issued a rare press release after the VA-Office of Inspector General released an interim report on their findings thus far, regarding the "wait list" scandal.

To date, the Secretary has only put a few select employees on paid leave during the investigations. Meanwhile, tens of thousands of veterans across the nation are clamoring for those responsible to be (in our opinion – rightfully) criminally charged.

In spite of the din, Shinseki now blames the OIG for not removing more employees, even though their paid vacations are nearly as insulting as the current administration's refusal to acknowledge the rampant criminality, malfeasance and utter disregard for human life that appears to be rampant across the Department of Veterans Affairs.

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"It is important to allow OIG's independent and objective review to proceed until completion. OIG has requested that VA take no additional personnel actions in Phoenix until their review is complete."

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There are 152 VA medical centers and 56 regional offices of the VA, with just over 300,000 employees. While it is doubtful that every one of them is an active participant in these egregious behaviors, it is now crystal clear that many are at least complicit in covering up for or at least ignoring the wrong-doings…in most cases, just to keep their federal jobs, great benefits and pensions intact.

There is nothing "independent" about the OIG…that office answers directly to the Secretary, who answers to the President.

The President has issued three (3) press releases in six (6) years on the VA dysfunction. The Secretary's record is not much better. The Secretary has the authority and ability to ignore the OIG requests (he has been doing that for 6 years), and ask the Department of Justice to investigate his organization.

We are now convinced that Secretary Shinseki is under orders to let that sleeping dog lie…what other explanation could there be?

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