Let Me Redefine The Narrative For Republicans

America is watching with increasing frustration as the Republican Party we elected to save the day slowly but surely self-destructs. Every day, people across the country have to make difficult decisions concerning their finances, careers and health care and in the mean time they have put their faith in their elected officials to make the same tough choices to put the nation back on track. Regrettably, very few Americans would report that they are happy with theses elected officials as it has become overwhelmingly obvious they intend to sell us out. What started out in 2010 as a promise to repeal The Affordable Care Act and defend the constitution is wrapping up in 2013 as a phenomena of evolution as so called conservatives accept socialism as the way the truth and the light. Then they have the nerve to act as if we are too stupid to accept it. John McCain for instance is on the record stating that a failure to pass amnesty will mean the GOP never wins another election. This guy believes that just because he said it his magical wisdom will suddenly register as the undeniable truth among those he intends to fool. That’s the psychology of tyranny, these people drive on believing pushing the lie often enough means it will be accepted as truth, and they have the audacity to treat us as the foolish ones. They are playing right into the hands of Obama as his underlying goal is a total destruction of any opposition to his agenda, if not downright helping him achieve it.

The biggest problems the conservatives have is that there are few who can gracefully articulate what the conservative position is without the radicals being able to accuse them of being a “hater” of something. I think that is what keeps so many of them beaten down; the left is just far more determined to paint the conservative as a hateful bigot, and when you are dealing with low information voters these are accusations that are impossible to overcome, when they are employed as effectively as they are by an Alinsky-style organizer anyway. There are a few shining stars out there fighting our cause; however, how many more times are we going to be let down by the likes of another Marco Rubio? He had many fooled for a long time with his story of communist oppression and the new found freedom in America. He probably really believed it; he just wanted everybody else in Cuba to be able to come along for the ride as well. America, we have to do this ourselves, this is not a government of, for and by the people unless we regain control of it, and that means defining the conservative movement on our terms and having the courage to call out the left for their hypocrisy. This is something that is severely lacking now as no one on the right seems to want to do a compare and contrast on the social issues that divide the conservative and liberal movements. Folks, a close examination of the social issues at hand will have the conservatives winning hands down if someone would just tell the truth instead of playing the game of political correctness so no one’s feelings get hurt. People, feelings are going to have to get hurt here, o.k.?

There are so many issues that could be used, abortion, gun control, the economy, education, religion, the environment; the list goes on and on. I think the biggest parallel that can be drawn between the left and the right is the difference between collectivism and individualism. Very few people tackle this issue as the word collective implies the “greater good.” The left has mastered the art of attaching every issue to the so called greater good and attacking anyone who opposes their agenda of being against it. This is the greatest fear of the republicans and the liberals know it. It’s time to start showing how collectivism is actually an all-out assault on the liberals cherished “greater good” and how individualism actually enhances it. No matter how old the argument, this is the new front in the war of ideas folks, and it has to be won not by politicians in great halls but by people like you and I behind the scenes.

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While the argument of collectivism implies the greatest of the whole community working together to accomplish equal prosperity, the truth is destruction of personal initiative leads to an increase in selfishness and poverty. Personal initiative is destroyed as individuals see the fruits of their labor redistributed to those who did not put in the “equal effort” to accomplish said goal. As these individuals become increasingly disgruntled they also become more selfish because they have less to look out for their own needs and interests. A lack of motivation among the society as a whole permeates because there is no need to excel as government promises to meet the needs of all. You don’t have to hold a PhD in sociology to see that this sequence of events is true; you just have to look at modern day America. Milton Friedman said it best when noting that people are not going to work as hard to achieve the goals of another as they are to achieve their own.

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This is why real conservatives believe in the individual. When given the room to do so the individual, motivated by a desire to take of his own family and to contribute to society will produce. The results of this production can lead to creating opportunities for others and products that all of society benefit from, thus contributing to the greater good of all. Individuals cannot prosper when government sees the need to regulate them. This regulation ties them down and does more to prevent them from producing than it does to ensure the safety of their production. Conservatives believe that the individual does not need to be regulated because the individual has the ability to self-govern and do what is right. Liberals claim to believe in humanism which essentially claims that man is the highest order and is capable of reaching new consciousness without the phony precepts of a God. If they believe in the individual then why the need to control everything we do? Liberals do not believe in the individual because they know that their vision of the utopian society is antithetical to the way we live our lives, therefore they have to control us to their ends.

This is but a small example of the argument that needs to be made contrasting the difference between conservatism and liberalism folks. Take it for what it’s worth, and if you think it’s worth anything use it wherever the opportunity presents itself.

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