Lesbian Danielle Powell Kicked Out of Private Christian School

If you are a woman who “discovers” she’s a lesbian after you’ve been attending a private Christian school – Grace University, in this case – on an academic scholarship, you have the right to complain about it. This is what we’re led to believe at any rate.

When I attended Philadelphia College of Bible (PCB), there were many rules that the college had and they were enforced. PCB was a private school and was free to set their own rules. Students were free not to attend if they didn’t like the rules. It was simply and straightforward.

Like Grace University, PCB had rules against illicit sexual relationships, including those of a homosexual nature. Is it a sin to be a homosexual? Not if you never give into the impulse to have sex with another person of the same gender. In fact, I know two individuals who are Christians and struggle with homosexuality, but to my knowledge, neither have ever given into the urge. I guess you could say they are not practicing homosexuals, but simply individuals who deal with the temptation to enter into homosexual relationships. It’s no different from a heterosexual being tempted to enter into a sexual relationship with another person outside the bounds of marriage. It’s wrong. This article is not going to get into the pros or cons of same-sex marriage. Maybe some other time.

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I know one individual while attending PCB who was kicked out of the school because he broke the rules by having sexual relations with his girlfriend. He had signed his agreement with the college’s code of conduct just like everyone else did. He knew the rules and deliberately broke them. What’s more, he began to blame the college for their “unrealistic” rules. He was trying to make himself the victim.

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In Danielle Powell’s case, she appears to be doing the same thing. Grace University has rules. If people do not like the rules, they can go elsewhere. Apparently, Powell was not a practicing lesbian prior to attending Grace and in fact, it was at the point where she was not far from graduating that she entered into a relationship with another female student.

To Grace’s credit, they tried counseling Danielle and encouraged her to enter the restoration program. “Michael James, executive vice president at Grace…did confirm the student handbook states that ‘Any student involved in sexually immoral behavior, including premarital sex, adultery, and homosexual acts, is at minimum placed on University probation and may be subject to a Judiciary Hearing’.”

As is usual for leftists, Powell is trying to make herself the victim. The school will not transfer her credits until she pays back the scholarship that was revoked due to her immoral behavior. Even though Powell entered into the voluntary restoration program, the university ultimately opted to expel her when they learned she was still dating women.

Powell believes “They were doing a witch hunt…calling around to see if I was in a same-sex relationship.” There is such a thing as accountability and it is something our society lacks. Christian schools must have that and people who call themselves Christians or those who choose to matriculate at a Christian school should be aware of the need for accountability.

In today’s world, morality is as relative as anything else. It’s all based on touchy-feely emotional virtue. In this case, even if Powell did not see herself as a lesbian until after she began matriculating at Grace, she was still under obligation to obey the rules, whether she liked it or not. She failed to obey the rules and like the rest of the New Left, places her failure on Grace University, not herself.

Apparently, Danielle Powell is now “married” to Michelle Rogers, who “started a petition to persuade Grace University to forgive Powell’s debt.” Rogers has stated, “I feel that it’s important that kind of discrimination should not happen towards an individual,” Rogers said, adding that she wants to “shed light on Grace University’s discriminatory disciplinary system.”

I see. In other words, if a Christian college decides that two people having sexual relations outside of marriage is wrong, it’s discriminatory.

Many of the comments at the end of the article I’ve quoted from are expected. They generally condemn the school and support Powell. Then again, the article is posted at Huffington-Post.

This is today’s society as defined by the New Left. It gives us greater insight into Pontius Pilate’s sardonic question posed to Jesus after Jesus states that he came into this world to testify to the truth. Pilate responded with, “What is truth?” (cf. John 18:28-38). Obviously, it was a rhetorical question, one that he did not really expect Jesus to answer and would not have accepted the answer anyway.

This is where we are today. Everything is negotiable, especially truth. It doesn’t matter if a person agrees to abide by and then breaks the rules. All that matters is portraying yourself as the victim. It’s the epitome of how a system built on political correctness works.

Had Danielle Powell paid for her own schooling and been kicked out, she would not be getting that money back, but that is essentially what she’s asking the college to do. She wants the college to forgive the debt – over $6,000 – and still have access to her credit hours. In essence, if the college agrees to this, she will have gotten her education there for free. Since Powell sees herself as a victim though, this is an entitlement that she believes she is owed because of the “discriminatory practices” of Grace University.

In actuality, Powell is owed nothing. The college has rules. She agreed to abide by them. She broke them and now wants to be seen as the victim. In a world where truth should stand for absolute truth, this doesn’t fly. In a society where truth is negotiable and ever-changing, it does.

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