From Legal Tender to Obamacare – How SCOTUS often Violates the Law

Freedom Outpost recently published an essay by Connecticut patriot John Cinque, who is leading the Second Amendment battle between the sovereign people of Connecticut and their arrogant servants.

I take issue with one sentence in Mr. Cinque’s essay: “The SCOTUS decision in Marbury vs Madison holds that an act of the Legislature, repugnant to the Constitution, is void.”

We don’t need the SCOTUS to tell us that a law that violates the Constitution is no law at all. In his book The People Themselves, Larry Kramer, dean of Stanford Law School, explained basic civics with the help of James Madison, the father of the Constitution: the SCOTUS is not the ultimate judge of the U.S. Constitution’s meaning or application – WE THE PEOPLE are.

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See the first three words of the Constitution, ‘We The People’; that means WE created three branches of federal servant. We are over the U.S. Constitution, and the SCOTUS is under it.

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A Bridge Too Far

The federal courts love to brandish their rulings as the very commandments of God; but the SCOTUS has often violated the law. Two egregious examples are its 5-4 rulings in the Legal Tender Cases (1871) and Obamacare (2012). The former ruling launched the SCOTUS’s counterfeiting career; the latter sparked the final collapse of American communism, from which Obama & Co. now backpedal furiously.

With those two lawless rulings, the SCOTUS hacked away at both ends of a bridge too far. Read the four-vote minority opinions in both historic cases, to grasp a shocking fact: an entire population allows itself to be violated — for six generations! — by ONE person in a black robe who decides to violate the law. Fellow sovereigns, this will not continue!

First, because the U.S. Constitution is not our criminal servants’ toy; it is the LAW designed to rule them!

Piling BRICS on the Bridge

Secondly, it will not continue because it can’t; Congress’ asymptotic debt graph now makes collapse inevitable.

Thirdly, the daily news shows that Brazil, Russia, India, China — the so-called BRICs — and others are all chopping at the ropes, too. They want to end the FED hijacking. Good idea; so do we.

It won’t be long before all those thugs, bureaucrats, and swindlers feel the snap of the final rope, then the plunging weightlessness of self-destruction. The ‘Austrian School’ of economics will be vindicated, as Great Depression II begins.

In this recent article, we explain that although tough, bloody times are ahead, ‘Civil War II’ prophets have it wrong. We apply Occam’s Razor to explain why government is ordering billions of rounds of ammunition, thousands of armored vehicles, and internment centers for citizens. At some point, people (other than Alex Jones) will see that when citizens are killing one another for food and gasoline, someone must keep order.

Article I, Section 8, Clause 15 of the Constitution stipulates that Citizen Militia have the duty to “execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections, and repel Invasions”. It will get ‘pretty Western’, and there are logistics to consider — but it is not a conspiracy; disaster preparedness and riot control have to happen. But it’s OUR duty, not that of ‘professional’ cops and soldiers. That has been the Constitution’s plan for 225 years.

AmericaAgain! Minutemen™ — a third of the 3-pronged AmericaAgain! mission — is designed to help Citizen Militia, overseen by our own State legislatures, handle response logistics and law enforcement.

America’s Finest Days are Ahead

For seven years, AmericaAgain! has planned and prepared. We seek to recruit, equip, organize, and support a remnant of the American people to defend our Constitution from the coming disaster, by God’s grace.

If just a tiny remnant (about 1%) of We The People will do our part, the aftermath of Great Depression II will be the most robust period in 200 years of American history. See this page for the list of sweeping reform laws that we will push through Congress by force, using the AmericaAgain! Indictment Engine™.

Sovereigns on Solid Ground

We are living in a momentous time; one of history’s great watersheds. See the end of Marx’s monstrosity! See Obama and his co-conspirators in Congress and the SCOTUS, hurrying to and fro on the sagging span, taking turns at the cameras and microphones!

See the faithful remnant of We The People; millions strong, but only a few yet visible. See us sovereigns on solid ground, our Constitution safely in hand! Hear us say, as we watch the D.C. spectacle, Hack away, fools; you’re almost done.


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