Leftists Advance Their Favorite Cause: Hatred

MartintweetAnyone who has ever dealt with anyone on the left knows that it’s not too long in any disagreement with them that the attacks come. In my experience, the left – while using many Alinsky tactics – have several favorites that they use as their “go to” defaults.

  • RULE 5: “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.”
  • RULE 8: “Keep the pressure on. Never let up.”
  • RULE 12: Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.”

MartintweetI recently dealt with a situation on Twitter in which I began with just one leftist, but then there were up to 8 of them all taking turns utilizing the Alinsky rules I’ve just listed. Interestingly enough, several of the individuals actually turned out to be on the right politically, but the particular topic we were “discussing” placed them opposite me.

As you can imagine, it was not long before hatred came to the fore as shown by just one example from the conversation. I was almost immediately accused of being a hater or bigot. It was also accomplished not only by targeting me, but through my tweets. Some of my tweets were actually reworded then retweeted. The issue we were discussing had to do with Israel vs. “Palestinians.” My comments indicated that I believed God was going to eventually solve the problem in the Middle East and anyone who stood opposed to Him would be ousted. What I failed to realize is that I was talking with at least one Muslim (who kept her identity hidden until the end) and the rest were Muslim/Arab sympathizers.

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My words were turned into “Hey, this guy wants an ethnic cleansing of all Arabs in the Middle East,” something I never said or implied. As you can imagine, this brought in more troops and the hatred really let loose. I was called everything from a moron to an idiot, to an a**hole, to a fake Christian, etc., ad nauseum. In other words, based on a false tweet, I was chosen as the target, I was “frozen,” personalized, and polarized. I was seen as the embodiment of hate and from that point on, it was simply one insult after another.

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In a situation like this, there is really no winning for anyone. However, those on the left (or those who use Alinsky tactics) believe they’ve won if they operate in such a way that silences the opposition. I hung on – one against upwards of eight – and eventually it was down to three of us and they simply stopped. It wasn’t until I told them how all their tweets would be great for several articles I wanted to run that would expose their hatred. The lead suspect in the case – the one who turned out to be Muslim – even has a page of what she says is simply “news,” but of course, what is fascinating is that the news she reports on is slanted against Israel.

This turned out to be a complete fake, a set-up, and hoax. It ultimately negates any truth in the situation.

Israel isn’t perfect by any stretch. However, there are too many examples of on the ‘Net of alleged carnage created by Israel that have turned out to be completely faked. If the situation is so real, why does the apparent need exist to create fakery in an attempt to fool the world? Once these photos are seen for what they are, the integrity is lost. It is clear that this fakery is simply another form of Islamic  taqiyya, which is a form of deception used by Muslims to create their version of the truth.

Here’s an example of a video showing Palestinians faking wounds and injuries.

Here’s another video purporting to show the death of a young boy.

What is important to understand here is that those who deliberately use Alinsky tactics are ultimately trying to create a new “truth.” They do so by calling opposing positions as “hatred” or “bigoted.” They offer absolutely no support for those claims and they really don’t have to because there are too many who get emotionally caught up in a situation and will side with anyone who decries “hate” and “bigotry” whether it actually exists or not.

It is very much like the way gay activists have been running things for years. Anyone who even simply (and non-violently) disagrees with homosexuality is seen as a hater. When I lived in California, during the Prop 8 campaign, I lost count of how many times this tactic was used on me and others who simply pointed to Scripture and believed that homosexuality is sinful, therefore wrong. I was charged with hating, and the interesting thing was that if I said the exact same thing about prostitution for example, no one cared. No one accused me of hating.

With those who use Alinsky tactics, there was no interest in true dialogue. They simply want you to become the target. Once they have made you the target, emotionalism in others takes over and they join the fray.

As I stated, with respect to the “debate” going on Twitter, the goal is silence the opposition. As I look back through the multitude of tweets, it’s clear there was very little (if any) substance from the opposition. Here’s an example of the type of “intelligence” that I was dealing with yesterday.


There were many like this and when you have five to eight people bombarding your timeline with this type of drivel, it makes actual conversation difficult. Again though, they are not interested in conversation, but simply castigation. The level of dishonesty and hypocrisy from these individuals is par for the course. They must win at all costs and to them, winning means silencing you.

But the bottom line for those on the left or those who use Alinsky is that they must define the opposition as being the embodiment of hatred. If they can successfully do that, then they have won, to an extent, because they know bigotry, racism, hatred are all the things the average person can get behind and oppose.

It is a very dishonest way to have any type of dialogue, but when we stop to think about it, those who have to rely on Alinsky really don’t have an honest position anyway. They obviously know that or they wouldn’t have to resort to Alinsky tomfoolery. They wouldn’t have to create fake photos, fake videos, or artificially try to make someone appear as a hater when they are not.

The level of animosity from the left seems to know no bounds. That’s because they do not have a valid position and they know it. They cannot enter into any type of intelligent discourse because their positions are not intelligent. They resort to what they can do and that is to lie, defame, vilify, denigrate, castigate, and be the hypocrites that they have allowed themselves to become.

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