Leftist Lie: Islam’s Sharia Law

“These acts of terror are not a hijacking of Islam from the peaceful religion it was designed to be. Rather, these acts are the true face of Islam, and until we acknowledge it for what it is, we will continue to be victims, bowing at the feet of our executioners.” – Washington Times columnist Mark Christian

As a former Muslim Sunni imam—now a grateful convert to Christianity—the aptly named Mr. Christian is an authority on defining what Islam is. According to this expert, any independent thought, decision-making or movement away from the Islamic religion is a violation of its one set of guiding principles: Sharia law. Unmistakably, the penalty for non-compliance is always the same: death to infidels. By his own admission, understandable fear dogs Mr. Christian for leaving the world’s second most popular religion. Indeed, Islam’s clear orthodoxy of ‘convert or die’ (given the backdrop of periodic beheadings of Christians and others) is a sobering reality. Why such Dark Ages barbarity isn’t loudly condemned from every civilized corner of the earth is astonishing. In freedom-loving places like 21st century America (and stridently by the Vatican) most of all.

Where is “good Christian” Barack Obama? Where is Hillary “giggles” Clinton? Where is the eyes covered MSM? Why are all of these philosophical bedfellows hypercritical of the West’s “lack of tolerance” (read: Trayvon Martin) while completely blind, deaf and dumb to the truth of this worldwide scourge? Specifically, why do these powers-that-be refuse to call a spade a spade? Why do they summarily disregard practitioners of (radical) Islam who do terrorist killings in the name of that faith?

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Of this religion, Mr. Christian explains: “While there are a number of different strains of Muslims, many of which publicly eschew violence, there is only “one Shariah,” and it is the foundation in common for all of Islam. These ancient governing laws are drawn from Islamic scripture, (often established as a religious duty by Mohammed himself) and have not changed in 1,400 years—nor has the violence contained within.” That violence has plagued Europe for over 1,000 years. Not to be left out, America has been dealing with radical Islam for three centuries. That’s since Thomas Jefferson’s time. How did Mr. Jefferson respond to the clear and present danger of kidnapped and tortured Americans abroad? He formed and dispatched the U.S. Navy.

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Contrast that to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama’s antithetical “wait and see” attitude. These “leaders from behind”—abetted greatly by the mendacious media—scapegoat the usual suspects: guns, hate and homophobia. Related to Orlando mass murder Omar Mateen, when he beat his ex-wife or executed 49 innocents at gay nightclub (the ironically named Pulse) he was exercising his religious mandate as a Sharia-compliant Muslim. To Islam, assaulting the spouse—same as killing homosexuals—is the “compassionate” response. Once again, this time in The Washington Post’s ‘Five Myths’ section, an obscure academic in Wisconsin spins fiction:

“And on a range of issues, Islam can fairly be described as feminist. Fiqh scholars, for instance, have concluded that women have theright to orgasm during sex and to fight in combat.”

By combat does this Post scribbler refer to Omar Mateen’s domestic struggles with his battered first wife? Sharia is not anti-woman? Well, that’s certainly a kick in the head to the former Mrs. Omar Mateen! This writer’s spurious (frankly absurdist) “proof” of Muslim men’s “open-mindedness” is women’s orgasms? Seriously? Well, bully for them! Luckily, these Muslim women’s draconian husbands haven’t figured out how to control those too! Speaking of sexual matters and control, how is not killing the “abhorrent 49” not brutal punishment? Did liberals lose their minds or are they just missing entirely—like the newly decapitated?

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