Left Wing College Professor Wants to Make American Hero David Petraeus’ Life a Living Hell

Every now and then I find a subject that so angers me, I kind of take it personally, and this is one of those items. I am the first person to stand up for free speech. I especially understand that I will find some of it offensive, but it seems that left-wing CUNY Professor S. Sandor John has taken it to a whole new level. He is instrumental in organizing personal attacks on Gen. David Petraeus. Sandor and some students have pledged to make Petraeus’ tenure “a living hell.”

Everybody remembers the video of college students following Petraeus and screaming obscenities at him and calling him a “war criminal.” If not, then here it is.

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This disgusting behavior goes far beyond the realm of decent human civility, especially to a man who has dedicated his life, to securing the freedom and security of every single American citizen. To call him “Death Squad Petraeus,” especially WITHOUT PROOF, is, in my opinion, not only an abuse of free speech, but the act of cowards!

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Let’s take a hard look at the man who is instrumental in this, Professor S. Sandor John. This “person” is another example of America hating, left-wing loon who has tenure at an American university and is supposed to “teach”, but instead preaches hate and disinformation to our children.

Here is an interview with him from “The Dissenter” by Steve Horn:

Steve Horn: How many people were at the protest and was it mostly students? Faculty? What types of students (grad school students, undergrads, etc)?

S. Sándor John: About 100 people came to today’s protest against the first class given by David “Death Squad” Petraeus at the Macaulay Honors College of the City University of New York.

The majority were undergraduate students from City College, Hunter College, Queens College and other campuses of the CUNY system. There were also faculty members from Baruch, Bronx Community College, Hunter and elsewhere; a Macaulay Honors College student speaker, and a number of CUNY Graduate Center students; activists from labor, immigrant rights and left organizations, as well as NYC school teachers.

SH: When did the ad-hoc committee begin to protest the hiring of David Petraeus? Why?

SSJ: The day after CUNY announced Petraeus’ appointment in late April 2013, a leaflet titled “War Criminal Petraeus, Out of CUNY!” was issued.

Accompanied by a petition demanding the appointment be rescinded, it was widely circulated within CUNY. These materials tapped into widespread outrage among students and faculty alike (including many members of the faculty/staff union). Club members raised the proposal for united-front protests to be undertaken in the fall, when Petraeus was scheduled to start his class.

Activists asked questions like: “So what is he slated to teach — ‘enhanced interrogation,’ waterboarding, how to organize death squads and drone attacks…?” The Guardian (UK) exposés on Petraeus’ role in bringing Col. James Steele – who organized death squads in Central America during the 1980s – to Iraq to exercise his macabre expertise there reproduced and circulated massively.

The reinstatement of ROTC — which was ousted from CUNY in 1971 through mass protests against its role in the Vietnam War — heightened concerns over the increasing militarization of the City University by the administration and Board of Trustees, which goes together with their drive towards privatization and elitization of the country’s largest urban public university. Many faculty members expressed outrage, as did a wide range of student activist groups.

Over the course of the summer, members of the CUNY Internationalists, the Revolutionary Student Coordinating Committee, Class Struggle Education Workers, a group called IGNITE, Students Without Borders and others talked about initiating such protest actions. The Ad Hoc Committee Against the Militarization of CUNY was established for this purpose shortly before the fall semester began.

SH: What are the goals of the movement as it pertains to Petraeus and how do you plan to achieve them other than protests the day of class? What’s your strategy to achieve your final goals as a movement?

SSJ: The Ad Hoc Committee is just that — a united front of different groups which have joined together for the purpose of organizing these protests on the basis of two demands: “CUNY Must Not be a War College!” and “War Criminal Petraeus, ROTC, Military Recruiters and Military Contracts: Out of CUNY!” The goal is to mobilize mass protest and exposure to drive out “Death Squad” Petraeus and ROTC.

Beyond that, different participants have a range of views about overall strategy. Most would agree that the administration’s appointment of Petraeus is just the latest example of how CUNY management is, in a literal sense, an enemy of those who work and study at CUNY.

Moreover, a great many CUNY students’ families come from countries directly targeted by the death squads, military coups, drones, spying and mass bombing organized by the likes of Petraeus, “his man Steele,” and the U.S. military as a whole, now under the command of Obama who is pushing to open a new war front, this time in Syria.

SH: Why Petraeus in particular? Do you have any idea who the private donor is that’s endowing his spot at CUNY Honors College?

SSJ: Apparently the CUNY Board and administration thought bringing a big name ex-general and former CIA head would be a publicity coup — “Look Who’s teaching at CUNY” writ large. It is writ large in letters of blood; this is a certified war criminal in the most literal sense.

In addition to Petraeus’ role as former commander of the Iraq/Afghanistan wars, and former head of the CIA, his close associate Col. James Steele was closely connected to the Atlacatl Batallion in El Salvador, which carried out one of the most notorious mass extermination missions of Central America’s dirty wars: the El Mozote Massacre.

In Guatemala, military and paramilitary death squads trained, equipped and “advised” by U.S. officers waged a genocidal campaign of extermination against large numbers of Maya indigenous people. This was the legacy deployed by Petraeus in Iraq and Afghanistan. And it goes on; he has been a key architect for the present drive for a U.S. attack on Syria.

With regard to your financial question, such information does not seem available at this time. Some people were especially outraged that Petraeus was initially slated to receive $200,000 for “teaching” a few hours a week. In response, the amount was cut (publicly) to $1. But we do not care if it’s one penny: we demand this war criminal’s ouster from CUNY.

SH: Do you know any students in his class? Why’d they decide to take a class w/ the same guy you guys are protesting and what type of students would you suspect – as an adjunct professor – does a guy like Petraeus attract to his class?

SSJ: I do not personally know any students in his class, and thus could only speculate. There are some Macaulay students among those protesting, however.

Members of the Ad Hoc Committee have carried out considerable work to help educate CUNY students and faculty about the reality behind what CUNY management apparently views as some kind of big name cachet.

If they are banking on people not knowing the truth of what Petraeus represents, they will find some formidable opponents amongst very determined, well-informed and energetic students and faculty as well as others around the country and internationally. The voice of the victims of these crimes will not and cannot be silenced.

SH: What motivated you as an individual to join this protest movement against Petraeus’ presence at CUNY?

SSJ: Most of our students at CUNY are from the working class and from oppressed communities, specifically from families whose roots are in countries where the effects of U.S. imperialism and militarism have been experienced in the most unspeakable and horrific ways.

The history of Latin America, the subject I teach, resounds with names and dates of massacres, conquest and mass campaigns of “disappearance” and terror — but also of the inspiring resistance to this devastation that working people in particular have carried out throughout the hemisphere.

Together with many others at CUNY and elsewhere who oppose militarism and imperialism, I am indignant at the idea that our university would become in effect a branch of the Army War College or the infamous School of the Americas. That is something we are determined to prevent.

SH: What was it like to shout down Petraeus like that, as seen in the YouTube video? Was it kind of creepy to see such a powerful figure like that in the flesh?

SSJ: Like a great many other faculty, students and staff at CUNY, I am sure, while not personally present at that moment I salute the very courageous young people who gave voice to the widespread indignation against the Petraeus appointment that you see in that video. I am quite sure that this widespread indignation is not going away.

Activists throughout the university and beyond are determined to mobilize for the ouster of “Death Squad” Petraeus, and ROTC, through massive protest and exposure.”

“While not personally present at that moment I salute the very courageous young people who gave voice to the widespread indignation against the Petraeus appointment.” So it seems that this COWARDLY little “professor” didn’t have the GUTS to face Petraeus himself, but instead sent college students out to do his dirty work for him…typical left wing cowardice!

Send CHILDREN, how BRAVE of you Professor John, you are to be commended. My parents taught me, that when I had a problem with an individual, to confront the person in question personally and at least attempt to have a civil dialogue with him (if possible) to avoid unnecessary problems. Apparently, the “Cowardly Professor” didn’t get that talk from HIS folks, but instead sent his own “Death Squads” out to do what he didn’t have the courage to do himself.

S. Sandor John, is but one of the many so-called “educators” in this country that abuse the gifts that he has been given, which I might add, has been paid for by the blood of millions of American PATRIOTS who died, making sure, that he could be the UNGRATEFUL little twerp he is today.

If you wish to contact Professor S. Sandor John and tell him what you think of him (which is only fair) here is his University contact list that provides that information.

John, Dr. S. Sandor


[email protected]


I’m sure that Professor John would like to hear from some of you, please remember, be “civil” when you call or write him. You’ll notice that David Petraeus’ contact info is not there, but, if any of you wish to contact him to wish him well at his new job and provide him with the support he deserves, for his service to this great nation, I am sure that you can write or leave a message here:

695 Park Avenue
New York, New York 10065
Department Office: West Building, Room 1512
Phone: 212-772-5480 | FAX: 212-772-5545
Email (general inquiries):
[email protected]

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