Latino Ingrate or Shrewd El Politico

Perusing the inter-web, I found an article that intrigued me. The man who wrote it–or the editor, or someone–entitled it properly, causing me to click on it and read.

The article is, “Latinos Should Withhold Support From Democrats,” posted by Arturo Carmona at Real Clear Politics. Mr. Carmona is executive director of Presidente Action.

Well, it turns out, this post wasn’t “Real Clear” at all. I was going in expecting to read about “Latinos” seeing the light and voting conservative, or at least Republican, and although it kind of reads that way, I’ll guarantee that’s not his motivation.

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Mr. Carmona is angry because Obama and the Democrats haven’t done enough for them—and by them, of course, I mean the millions of criminal aliens.

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Yes, Mr. Carmona claims that Obama has betrayed him and his lawbreaking “people.” He writes: “For months, president Obama promised that he – and the rest of the nation – were done with Republican obstructionism on immigration reform. On March 14, he indicated he would instruct Homeland Security secretary Jeh Johnson to produce recommendations for executive actions to bring relief to millions of immigrant families suffering in the shadows.”

Republican obstructionism? Really? So now, in 2014, current immigration law is considered obstructionism. And there are no recommendations to make. What Johnson suggests or suggested and whatever Obama does will be both illegal and anti-constitutional. But to Obama, it’s only illegal if you can stop them.

Mr. Carmona is acting like a petulant child – a spoiled brat that can’t wait until Christmas morning to open his gifts: “Wah, daddy – I want to open them now, and if you don’t let me, I’ll have a tantrum!”

Does this guy not understand that nationwide, the Democrat party has already done so much? Illegals get drivers licenses, free schooling, medical care, housing and social services. Now they are even voting. Does he not get it?

I think he does; but, like any good liberal, he’s never satisfied – he will always try to push the envelope a little further.

He’s not angry that Obama isn’t going to order wholesale amnesty. He’s just mad that it’s taking so long.

Well, I guess he is kind of angry as he writes, “President Obama, once our supposed savior, has deported more people – separating more families, terrorizing more immigrant communities – than any American president before him.”

I love this one. This is one of the latest greatest liberal myths – that “Obama has deported more” or “deportations are up under Obama.” Of course, one can claim anything when one changes the rules.

Deportations used to be catching someone already in the country, arresting, processing them and deporting them. Now if an illegal is stopped at the border and turned back without ever entering our country, that’s considered a deportation. Yet, “Deportations Are Up” is a great soundbite or headline, and the administration knows that most will take that claim at face value.

Is Mr. Carmona too stupid to figure this out, or just another lying liberal who sees this lie as an opportunity to advance his agenda? My guess is the latter.

So what is Arturo Carmona’s plan? “Presidente Action is taking the bold move of asking our members to consider voting against the ‘dirty four’ – the Senate Democrats who persuaded Obama to continue his inhumane deportations until after the election: that means Senators Hagan, Landrieu, Pryor, and Shaheen. The Democrat Party is not our friend simply because members of the Republican Party have worked so hard to become our enemy.”

So that’s the plan? Vote for Republicans or don’t vote? Sure it is. Why not? Mr. Carmona isn’t a dumb guy, evidently. He knows he’s playing a win-win scenario. By saying what he said, he can’t lose.

He fires up the “Latino community” so they think he’s advocating for them. Win!

He also knows the Congress is immaterial and irrelevant. Carmona knows Obama will grant executive amnesty, regardless of who wins and who loses. Win!

If one is to admire evil brilliance, Arturo Carmona is to be admired.

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