Late Term Abortionist Invites Mother to Hold Murdered Baby

There is a new documentary out to sympathize with abortionists and murderers of their own children, entitled  “After Tiller.”  The movie apparently seeks to minimize the truth, statistics, and pain for both the babies and the mothers, as well as the long-term trauma and anguish of those murdering their pre-born.

In an interview conducted by Jina Tolentino, that was published at “The Hairpin,” revelations from one of four admitted late-term abortionists in our country are sickening, gut-wrenching, and prove the case that we are now a pagan nation, built on the altar of self and feministic ideals.  

As reported on Breitbart, the interview displays the atrocities that were once reserved for the most murderous and cannibalistic uncivilized societies of yesterday, right here in our “enlightened nation”.  Oh what feminism and God-hating has done for us!

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TolentinoI was really moved and amazed by the scene where you’re writing down a baby’s name, noting the family’s request for a memory box and a viewing, showing the little ink footprints. Do families often want to engage with their baby like this after an abortion? How many people are ready to—as you say—say hello to their baby at the same time that they’re telling it goodbye? 

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RobinsonWith fetal anomaly patients, we ask them right up front if they plan to hold their baby after it’s born. These patients, their emotional needs are so different from the ones who are looking at their pregnancy as an absolute disaster, who are just thinking, “Get it out of me, please, please, please.” Those patients—the maternal indications patients—they are not relating to their fetus as a baby, they’re relating to it as a problem.

Robinson also indicated she will say “non-denominational prayers”.  Breitbart goes on to report:


“Yes, that’s the first part of the procedure. We sedate the patient and euthanize their fetus, their baby, with an injection. The fetus passes away, doesn’t feel anything.”

In June, however, the House of Representatives passed a measure restricting abortion to the first 20 weeks after conception, based, in part, on testimony by a neurobiologist who provided audio-visual data that indicated that unborn babies can clearly feel pain at 20 weeks gestation, and likely have a capacity to feel pain much earlier than that.

The feminist movement first integrated abortifacient birth control into the hearts and minds of the nation, coercing a once staunch anti-abortion church council into “acceptable use.”  Unfortunately, as many God loving individuals forecast, this was the first step in the erosion of value of life, and desire for children in the hearts of married Christians.  Make no mistake, the Margaret Sanger cult had direct goals in reducing marriage, and the offspring of marriage.  Through the “free sex” and “birth control” culture, Sanger manipulated the hearts of women to believe they were “above” procreation.  She transformed philosophies about the sacredness of marriage and womanhood, to produce a hate-filled, life cursing breed of “enlightened” women we call feminists, today.  These feminists decried everything it is to be feminine in an effort to embrace their more intelligent, more liberated self-worth.  Liberation that has included mass casualties of innocent pre-born life, huge loss of life of teens and women through the hands of abortion “doctors,” and millions of side-effects, cancers and health implications through hormonal contraceptive use.  This doesn’t even scratch the surface of what the side effect of feminism has done to marriage and society.

The first 1900 years of the Christian church brought a great desire to have and raise children.  It meant setting aside ones own selfish desires during the child bearing and raising years, and committing to raising responsible, loving and God fearing children.  All protestant denominations agreed that abortifacient contraception (and as a result pre-meditates abortion) was morally wrong and against God’s sovereign teaching that it is He who will bless by the fruit of the womb, until the 1930 Lambeth conference. They also cited the health implications of women who take pharmacological drugs to alter their cycles.  At that point they are unknown.  Now they are known, but are prescribed more than ever.   The Anglican church, unfortunately persuaded by an increasingly godless society in 1930, put forth new ambiguous guidelines that allowed for abortifacient birth control in “some circumstances,” though those circumstances were not defined.  This began the heart numbing catalyst for prevention of children at any cost and any stage of development.  After all, if we no longer believe God created a life, that life begins at the moment of conception, or that murder is wrong, we can destroy it at any point, and no longer does the church or the pro-life movement have any solidarity.

Created in the 1920’s, Sanger’s feminist utopia of feministic hatred of men, of life and of marriage, was joined in sinful matrimony with godless teachings of evolution and self-led gospels that denied the sufficiency of God to provide for the needs of those who seek Him, and for the blessings of those who follow His design for women and men, which is to be women and men.  Churches began to see the Bible less as the Holy and inspired, inerrant God Breathed Word, and more as an archaic book that needs to bend and be flexible to the sexual and self-promoting desires of the new enlightement of Americans.

If the church had remained faithful to the teachings of the Bible and aware of those “who creep in,” wide spread birth control, feminism and later abortion, would not have been allowed in the doors of the church.  However, feminists began teaching a new gospel to their children.  This gospel taught boys they may not be boys and men, and daughters ought to seek self, not God’s Will. More women abandoned their roles, and entered the work force, not out of some desperate need to make ends meet, as cited today, but as a desire to abandon their traditional roles of motherhood.  More divorce began, and more “free and enlightened sex” became the normal protocol.  While families began to be transformed in the 1960’s, the hearts of the children began calling for a “future of feminism,” that eventually led to the pressure for legalized abortion in the early 1970’s.

Since our culture began being indoctrinated in the early 1900’s against the God of Creation and the God of Life, by the time Sanger came into the timeline of society, Americans were largely ready to take matters into their own hands; forgetful of a God of justice!  Since life no longer was measured in the light of the Creator God, but rather as an evolutionistic mistake, there were little consequences to denial of the ability of God to Create, to take away, and to punish a nation against Him.

Today, we see the long-term effects of a nation incrementally accepting of destroying life.  We see pills, over the counter at regular pharmacies, that any child, teen or adult can pick up, to kill a newly conceived baby after a night of sex that in the minds of the particpants, “shouldn’t carry consequence.”  Since Margaret Sanger ingrained in the minds of young women that their wombs are there for their own manipulation and control, the ripple effect has been cast out for multiple generations, each time growing wider in it’s scope.  Children today are not seen as blessings, but as curses.  Christians claim to be pro-life, but desire to not be burdened by children and their “societally measured costs.”  How does God measure their cost?  How should we?

How a woman God created with emotions and mothering tendencies, can go to medical school and recite the Hippocratic Oath to “do no harm” and to “heal and protect” and then make a mockery out of life by killing babies able to survive outside the womb, and “celebrating” that, can only be understood by the one who now controls her heart:  Satan and the Molech of today:  Self, feminism, free-sex, and godlessness.

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