Larry Klayman Presents Agenda to Reclaim America on November 19 – Will You Join Him?

President of Freedom Watch Larry Klayman has laid out his agenda to reclaim America on November 19, 2013 in Washington, DC in front of the White House. Klayman, who has been actively involved in Barack Obama eligibility cases, supported the veterans and truckers’ protests recently and been very vocal in calling out Obama for who he really is, has made available an organized agenda for the 19th. We told you what his goal was recently. Now here is his blueprint.


10:00am in LaFayette Park Across From White House

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Larry KlaymanFreedom Watch and I call upon all Tea Party, conservative, libertarian, and other groups and all persons, indeed to all patriotic citizens, to converge on Washington D.C., en masse, on November 19, 2013, and demand the resignations of President Barack Hussein Obama, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, and House Speaker John Boehner. We want all concerned activist groups to partner with us in our fight to restore the integrity of our nation and our Constitution.

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I. INTRODUCTION by Larry Klayman

A. Knowledgeable and concerned Americans know that the United States is in great danger. Barack Hussein Obama has driven the country into the ground and the political opposition has allowed this to happen. The nation is on the verge of economic, social, and strategic collapse, as the people’s grievances are being continually ignored.

B. Short of violent revolution which we hope to avoid, civil disobedience in the style of Mahatma Gandhi in India and South Africa, Lech Walesa in Poland, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, and most recently, democracy-minded Egyptians in Tahir Square, must be employed urgently before the nation goes under for the count.

II. SPEAKERS Who Have Been Persecuted by Obama’s Regime

We propose bringing some of the victims of President Obama’s administration and have them give their testimony about how they have been harmed by him and his enablers. Such victims will include by not be limited to the widows and parents of those who died at Benghazi, other military families whose sons or daughters have been sacrificed based on Obama’s Muslim outreach which favors protecting the Islamic enemy over our own troops, those who have been audited and harassed by the IRS, spied upon by the NSA, victimized by illegal immigration, persecuted by ObamaCare, and those who feel that the U.S. Constitution is being trampled on as a matter of course and that their freedoms are being subverted and destroyed.

A. Benghazi-gate Victim
B. Navy SEAL-gate Victim
C. Fast and Furious Victim
D. IRS Victim
E. NSA Victim
F. ObamaCare Victim
G. Illegal Immigration Victim
H. Other Speakers

III. CAMP OUT Until We Get Results

We must have the means to literally camp in Washington D.C. and not leave until we get results.


In conjunction with the masses gathered in LaFayette Park, we encourage millions to occupy parks, sidewalks, public areas, etc., consistent with the law. This has never been done before, but as Thomas Paine said, “these are the times that try men’s souls.” `

Contact Freedom Watch at [email protected] or (424) 274-2579. 

* Renamed from “Occupy Washington.Click here to download a PDF copy to print pass out to friends

Klayman recently cited these facts that require immediate attention:

  1. Obama is not a natural born citizen as required by the Constitution eligible to run for and be elected president of the United States. Having lied about his place of birth, which was likely Kenya and not within the borders of territories of the United States, and not having two parents who were American citizens at the time of his birth, he later, after years of demands by concerned citizens, produced on the White House website a fraudulent birth certificate to try to subterfuge his deceit. Despite election law complaints in various states to prove that Obama is not a natural born citizen, the courts, as has become the norm, have thus far turned a blind eye, obviously out of fear of the tyrant. Not one court has legitimately addressed the law, and We the People have been abandoned by our judges, who have generally become highly politicized and corrupt.
  2. The growing list of what the tyrant calls his “phony scandals,” from Benghazi-gate, Navy SEAL-gate, IRS-gate, NSA-gate, to Fast and Furious-gate and now Obamacare-gate, has been swept under the carpet by Obama and his pliant and highly corrupt attorney general, Eric Holder. Congress, while holding hearings on these scandals, lacks the courage or will to seek justice and to impeach and convict Obama.
  3. Obama and his minions continue to leak highly classified and damaging national security information, such as American cyber-warfare and U.S. Israeli war plans should Iran’s nuclear facilities need to be destroyed, as low-level whistleblowers like Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning are burned at the legal stake. Obama and the likes of Hillary Clinton have damaged U.S. national security far worse than Snowden or Manning, yet they walk off scot-free.
  4. Benefits to our military veterans and access to war memorials can be shut down under the guise of national debt issues, but Obama, members of Congress and other so-called government leaders continued to receive their “perks” without interruption.
  5. The recent killing of a mother who, due to her postpartum depression, drove her car into the White House gates, was unnecessary and murderous, just as the Obama administration’s release of the identity of Navy SEAL Team VI following the killing of Osama bin Laden led to their death at the hands of the Taliban in a shoot-down of their helicopter on Aug. 6, 2011, in a raid called Extortion 17.

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