All of America has their eyes focused on Washington. We are watching the tit for tat, back and forth volleying between the Republicans and Obama and Reid. Americans are preparing for the Trucker Ride for the Constitution descent on Washington beginning tomorrow and lasting for three days, awaiting the anti-spying groups protest scheduled for the last of this month, and wondering what will happen in November when Larry Klayman hits the Washington pavement with his group of millions intent on holding government accountable for their ineptness.

Landfill_Harmonic_Shares_Paraguays_Recycled_Orchestra_thumbThe news has bombarded us with new information regarding wasteful spending, Gestapo tactics by the Brown Shirt Park Rangers, and ever more horror scenes involving Obamacare.

But, just for a few minutes, let's take our eyes off Washington and look at this video of children from Cateura ( The Landfill Harmonic Orchestra ). It will certainly warm hearts, show the results of perseverance and courage, and remind us all that treasures can be found even in a sea of trash; sometimes it just takes a little imagination to see it.

Watch the video.

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