Land Banking: Pay To Play On Your Own Private Property

Those are but three of the latest terms in newspeak by government leftists creating the new Soviet system in the United States of America. I realized upon looking into these three terms that each one encompasses so much that I could not describe them in one post. So this is the first of three posts on these three terms. I’m discovering these things as I continue to research the destruction of the America I once new….you know, the one that guaranteed property rights and freedom. I hope you will benefit from my research in ways that help you take back our country from the Socialist system being put in place by anti-American power brokers who have infiltrated our government, our culture, our education system, our churches, our economic system, our food supplies, and all else you come across in your travels.

Time was when America supported the right of ownership of private property. That has changed. All land is now deemed property of “the commons” by our government agencies. In order to use land, you must pay someone else….not just to purchase the land, but for the privilege to use the land. Who are you paying to use the land? Answer: The government, plus the additional layers of those who want in on the take.

First: Land Banking:

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“Wetland and stream mitigation banks are a viable and cost effective tool for providing compensatory mitigation throughout the US, as well as meeting the goals of the Clean Water Act to restore the physical, biological, and chemical integrity of the nation’s waters.”

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The Federal government has created an entire framework through most agencies (DOT, EPA, HUD, USDA, BLM, etc.) to facilitate this game. Enforcement mechanisms are called “mitigation points” required by government agencies in order to allow you to develop land for any purpose. Mitigation points might otherwise be known as offsets. (In Gang Land, this is known as a bribe.)

Governments, state and local, have created Land Banks. But, lo and behold, businesses have been created to profit from this government policy. Imagine that. An entire industry has sprung up based on the Cap and Trade model of buying credits in order to use a resource, only in this case the resource is land instead of energy. In other words, if you wish to develop land, you can do it IF you buy land banking preserves of other land which is held out away from development. Well, I guess that is very creative enterprise by some very greedy folks who found a way to hold land as ransom and make builders and developers pay for the privilege of doing business. I’ve discovered you can also invest in “Land Banks” because there is potential to rake in buckets of money on this is the new, hot, thing. Just like the Chicago Climate Exchange was hot in the Cap and Trade energy business a while ago, before it collapsed for lack of business, that is. The difference here is that while new sources of energy are continuing to emerge, land is a finite commodity. There will be no new sources of land. It is what it is.

This is the new Soviet business model in America. You must pay to play….or pay the mob in order to do business. The old model meant buying a piece of land and investing in the development of that land, following the rules of zoning. Now you must pay off the Soviet system of environmental land banks in order to proceed with your development. When you pay off the new Soviet mob in this new business model, you get “credits” or “points” which the government then trades with you to allow you to proceed with your development business. An entire new layer of bureaucracy has been added to the system and you must pay for it on top of all of your other business expenses that I need not enumerate here.

You might be wondering why people are fleeing the rural areas, why development costs are “skyrocketing,” why the cost of living (including finding a place to live) is going up, etc. According the EPA, every square inch of land is either a wetland or a riparian corridor. If you thought your children might one day buy a piece of land to live on and or farm, a piece of land that might have water accessibility, the possibility of that has become near extinct, unless of course you are one of the very wealthy “landed gentry” being created by the ruling class in America. The rest of us can just sit in high density mega-cities and wish for clean air and room to roam.

The EPA’s website reads,

“On December 26, 2002, EPA and the Corps of Engineers announced the release of a comprehensive, interagency National Wetlands Mitigation Action Plan to further achievement of the goal of no net loss of wetlands. The goals and objectives of the National Mitigation Action Plan were incorporated into the 2008 Final Compensatory Mitigation Rule.”

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Next up: Stakeholders
“Stakeholder Coordination – In 1999, the Federal agencies began hosting a series of stakeholder forums to gather information and opinions on the concerns and challenges of compensatory mitigation.”

Editor’s Note: This the first article in a series. Read Part 2 here. Read Part 3 here.

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