After the media began to go after Barack Obama over his administration's coverup of the Benghazi attacks and now are starting to go after him over not only Benghazi, but the Justice Department's invasion of phone records for editors and reporters of the Associated Press, as well as giving credibility to conservatives who have said the administration has targeted them via the Internal Revenue Service and in the process liberal organizations with ties to George Soros received documents. Charles Krauthammer rightly said on Fox News' Special Report, that Obama "understands he's losing his constituency; that's the media."

Krauthammer said that it was hard to know why Obama came out and what he accomplished. However, he did say that Obama understands that the media has turned and is biting the hand that fed it.

Obama had counted on the media to be uninterested concerning Benghazi. "Well that's over," said Krauthammer.

"They feel attacked by what was done to AP," he added. "They feel 'duped' over the edits (of the talking points about Benghazi) and everybody's angry over the IRS."

Krauthammer is pointing out what is really taking place. It only took 4 and a half years for these people in the media to get to this point, but they are here because they have been forced to deal with reality. My goodness, it was just last week that MSNBC, the mouthpiece of the Obama administration, came out and called Benghazi a coverup!

Even comedian and Obama supporter John Stewart has been railing against Barack Obama for his administration's criminal activity and he's been going off on him and his administration for three nights in a row!

Night 1:

Night 2:

Night 3:

The only question now is, how long it will take the liberal media to take a look at Fast and Furious and the Obama eligibility case.

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