Earlier in the week Fox News' Special Report with Brett Baier took on the issue of the talks that have been going on over the fiscal cliff. In a three person panel consisting of Mara Liasson of National Public Radio, Steve Hayes from the Weekly Standard and syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer weighed in on the issue. Krauthammer was the one though that hit the nail on the head when he asked, "Why are Republicans allowing the entire debate to be about taxes and about the war among Republicans over holding a line on the Norquist pledge or not when what Obama is proposing on raising the rates on the two percent is a triviality?"

Krauthammer continued, " It will reduce the deficit from $1.1 trillion to $1.02 trillion, eight cents on the dollar. It is nothing. It's lunch money. It's a rounding error. And yet that is all the debate that we are hearing."

He's right. It is all we have heard about. Now don't get me wrong, for individual Americans that deficit number doesn't deal with what they will actually be facing in terms of tax increases, but in the big picture of things how the argument has been framed against the Republicans has been for a purpose and Krauthammer points this out.

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"Obama understands this," Krauthammer said. "He is trying to -- he is not trying to fix our fiscal issues and problems. He's trying to destroy the Republicans by insisting that there is a split among the Republicans on this issue, which has held them together."

The pledge, as I've said, was not to Grover Norquist. It was something that was binding the Representatives and Senators to the people they served. It was their word and Krauthammer rightly points out that it was something that has been something that has held them close together. Obama is seeking to crack the foundation and completely destroy it. In fact, Krauthammer pointed out that going back on a tax pledge is what destroyed George H. W. Bush. Remember, "Read my lips. No new taxes?"

He went on to make the point more clear saying "This is a political attack on Republicans. There is no evidence right now that he has any interest in the real fiscal issue because he would have to talk about spending and entitlements and he isn't."

Rush Limbaugh echoed this on his program on Thursday. He said, "Part of Obama's transformation of America is wiping out the Republican Party. And anyone who fails to understand that that is also part of Obama's agenda at this moment, anybody who fails to understand that is really not paying attention and is too caught up in traditional conventional wisdom."

Watch the segment below:

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