Transparency is a good thing. President Obama promised us the most transparent administration in history. And I guess he did. It really hasn't been too difficult to see through what he has been doing. Now that's OK for us homefolk, but there should be a limit to showing your hand when dealing with those who promise "Death to America!"

1. You don't show your hand when you are playing poker.

2. You don't show your hand when you are planning to remove your troops from the field of battle.

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3. You don't show your hand when you are negotiating with the enemy -- especially if the survival of much of the world is at stake.

In the recent Iranian nuclear negotiations, the Administration has shown an anxiety to declare victory, and come home. After all, another Nobel Peace Prize may hang in the balance!

Iran shares no such urgency. They are in the process of building a nuclear arsenal, and need time to complete it. So it is obviously to their advantage to stall as long as possible, and Middle Easterners are masters of the technique.

In a previous effort to slow down Iran's nuclear progress, the US and others had imposed economic sanctions. The sanctions were apparently working, so Iran called for "negotiations."

We agreed, and sent our expert, Secretary of State John Kerry, to represent our best interests. But after a month of so of negotiations, just like in Iraq and Afghanistan, President Obama ordered his troops home. In his Rose Garden victory lap, President Obama announced his unwritten "accomplishments," which prompted Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif to immediately accuse the Obama administration of "misleading the American people and Congress" in reporting the result. (1)

If you want to know the real winner in this game of cards, just look at the smile on the face of Minister Zarif as he headed for the airport.

Senators John McCain of Arizona and Lindsey Graham of South Carolina announced in a joint statement: "At every step, the Iranians appear intent on retaining the capacity to achieve a nuclear weapon." (2)

No kidding, Sherlock!

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