You Did Know That You Can Bump Fire Your Rifle Without A Bump Stock, Right?

As Democrats and Republicans seek how to push a gun control agenda following the Las Vegas shooting on Sunday, their target has become the very inexpensive bump stock, which when added to a semi-automatic AR or AK platform rifle simulates a fully automatic weapon, but remains a semi-automatic.

We have heard their cries and emotional pleas while ignoring the law, which contains the Second Amendment, which is supposed to protect the people’s rights to keep and bear arms (and doesn’t state what those arms are).

So, with that in mind, let’s just show you why banning bump stocks won’t stop people from bump firing.

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When I first looked at bump firing years ago, I was quite impressed at how easy it was without a bump stock.

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The only issue was that you bump fired with your belt loop.   YouTube has literally tons of videos on the subject.  Here’s just a few for your consideration.

And if you are are wanting to see what the actual bump stock does, then my friend FPS Russia is happy to show you how to dump 900 rounds per minute.

Now, the question to ask first is, why are these people attempting to legislate on an issue they are not authorized to legislate on?

Take a look at these comments:

• House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-NJ) said, “Clearly that’s something we need to look into.”
• House Freedom Caucus Leader Mark Meadows (R-NC) stated that he “would be open to considering a bill” on banning these items.
• And then, of course, there’s House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, who when it was pointed out to her that banning bump stocks could lead to further gun control, shot back: “So what? … I certainly hope so.”

Rep. Mark Meadows knows better!  Shame on him, but we’ve come to expect this kind of thing from Pelosi and Ryan.

If Congress bans or regulates bump stocks, then they will have to ban rubber bands and belt loops on pants — because these items can simulate the same effect that a bump stock does.

In some cases, you will even have to ban fingers because many shooters can fire a semi-auto nearly as fast as a full-auto.Listen as Gun Owners of America’s Executive Director Erich Pratt discusses the issue.

Seriously, this is being set up in a similar manner to Obamacare’s utter failure that will lead to single payer.

Once the bump stock ban fails, the only recourse will be to say, it failed because we didn’t go far enough and ban semi-automatic rifles.

Watch and see.

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