Knee-Jerk Liberals are Stupid

I have a friend, with whom I used to work, who thinks that the only true intellectuals are Liberals and that all Conservatives and Republicans are unintelligent clods. She uses the term “stupid” quite often and with a knowing gleam in her eye. I’d better straighten her out on a couple of things.

First, the term “stupid” rarely means lack of intellect, although its usage as such has crept into the language. Most people possess the intelligence to make common sense decisions. In fact, the term means “in a stupor” thus “a condition in which someone is not able to think normally because of being drunk, drugged, tired, etc.” and “a condition of greatly dulled or completely suspended sense or sensibility.” Its origin is the Latin word “stupere” meaning “to be amazed or stunned.” Thus one can also be stupid from a blow on the head . . . or, as I would like to suggest, from a blow inside the head, in the mind. I will explain.

Stupidity is a condition brought on by something, drink, drugs, exhaustion, and anything else that drains the energy needed for thought. When one drives drunk, one is insufficiently alert to step on the brake, to read street signs or to see the lines on the road. These causes of stupidity are usually remediable. One can sleep off a drunk and exhaustion. One can wait out the effects of codeine. But other deeper causes of stupidity are not so easily dealt with. I suggest that indoctrination with a twisted set of ideas can make one far stupider than booze.

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Decades of Liberal domination of university campuses by leftists has yielded minds uncluttered by truth, because, instead of Liberal Arts, which invite objective examination of all sides of an argument, they have gotten Liberal Indoctrination. The very mention of a Conservative idea, especially one that is based in traditional thinking and reflects Judeo-Christian ethics and morality, elicits not measured explication but loud, shouting attacks of “Check your privilege” rather than “check the premises of your argument.”

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The Left is bankrupt where objective ideas are concerned. Their so-called philosophy has gone so far beyond human reason that we now have such issues as “gender confusion” and climate change is blamed for everything from cataclysmic volcanic eruptions to Boko Haram! By the standards of true intellect, which incorporates both reason and common sense, the bare-faced lies told by the left are so radically incomprehensible and inane, one must conclude that Charles Schumer, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and all their cronies are the stupidest people on the planet. My friend used to fly into paroxysms of rage whenever I quoted some truth—about rampant crime, confiscatory taxation, reprehensible sexual conduct or idiocy spoken by some left-wing politician, all of which had appeared on news programs.

She wasn’t the only one. Another woman I knew once told me that she would gladly have changed places with Monica Lewinsky because she found Bill Clinton so devastatingly handsome. When I pointed out to her that he was an adulterer and asked whether she would willingly commit adultery, she became insulted, accused me of being jealous of Clinton and asked whether I was a Republican! She also demanded an apology for accusing her of such a thing. Another Liberal I knew believed that child-killer David Westerfield, convicted on overwhelming evidence, which included a deal he made with prosecutors to show them where he’d thrown the body of his victim, was being railroaded by a Republican prosecutor.

At various times, my wife and I have both been “accused” of being Republicans (in fact, we are Independent) and in conversation I have been often warned not to “go there” whenever I chanced to express a negative opinion of Barack or Michelle Obama. One person began to walk out of our Easter dinner if I dared say another word about my dislike and disgust at Mrs. Obama’s conduct and profligate imperiousness. Apparently, none of these people has been able to separate truth from mythology about Republicans, to which party Martin Luther King officially belonged. Nor are they willing to notice or admit that Barack Obama lies and that Michelle Obama spends pots of money, gorging extravagantly in very expensive restaurants and resorts, while insisting on the restriction of school children’s lunches to unappetizing and insufficient muck. One hardly expects these people to admit that Michelle Obama has asked school children to spy on their parents and to report any politically incorrect things they say. Another woman even told me that she hoped Hillary Clinton would not run for President because the press would undoubtedly dig up more scandals and make her election impossible. I asked, “What if the scandals are true.” She flew at me and said, “You’re just like the rest of those Republicans.” Knee-jerk, do you suppose? Long ago, I was told by a woman I dated that if only people had stopped bringing up Chappaquiddick, Teddy Kennedy would have been elected President. She was apparently unwilling to consider whether the issues surrounding Chappaquiddick were true. She already knew for whom she would vote and discovering truth was not a factor.

From this, I must conclude that those who react in knee-jerk fashion at the mere mention of an idea they have not learned from a Liberal source and swallowed whole without even questioning it, are stupid beyond measure. The tragic thing about this is that many of the people I am describing are basically intelligent. Their intelligence has been corrupted, taken off track and twisted by the cunning techniques of the Left in their propaganda war against reason. But intelligence is not enough. One must be willing to examine the ideas before swallowing any one of them. Stupidity is a result of conditioning.

Where does this conditioning come from and will it ever end? In intelligent, educated people, it comes from university educations that are no more than infused Leftist propaganda. It will certainly end at some point. Bankrupt ideas always eventually fail. But when they fail, they bring down with them those who have consumed the poison. After that, the only antidote is a consummate re-education. For many that time will come later in life and they will probably be too tired to go through it.

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