KKK-Style Tactics Being Used Against State Secretary Combating Illegal Immigration

Does anyone remember the Ku Klux Klan, aka the KKK? Growing up in southern America, you heard about the KKK, sometimes knew someone who was rumored to be a member of the KKK or saw the effects of the KKK through the “fruits of their labors” for lack of a better term to describe their tactics of fear and violence. Their ideology was controversial, hate based and founded more on supposition than fact: almost holding to the idea if not standing with them, you were against them. Even individuals who had friends of differing race, religion, national origin or creed acted out of fear, limiting their interaction with those friends, in order to avoid being a target. Individuals who maintained those friendships were insulted, called terrible names and became targets as well. Their tactics to control others, induce compliance and sustain intimidation/fear over the masses was so detrimental, the government essentially dug in their heels, instituted “the Klan laws” and worked tirelessly to eradicate the organization.

But, it seems the tactics of the KKK are alive and well, now being used by the left in order to “persuade” some members of government to their way of thinking.

Protestors trespass on the property of Kansas State Secretary Kris Kobach to protest his stance on illegal immigration.
Protestors trespass on the property of Kansas State Secretary Kris Kobach to protest his stance on illegal immigration.

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The Blaze reports that Kansas Secretary of State, Kris Kobach (R) had hundreds of protestors march on his home over the weekend, targeting him because of work in combating illegal immigration. He likened this type of protest to “KKK-type of intimidation” on the Glenn Beck radio show. While the opposition to Kobach has taken place in the past, it has done so in public locations. Kobach said the “left has crossed a line” by surrounding his home.

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The Secretary of State described what he had learned about the protestors, organized by a group called “Sunflower Community Action”: they rose to prominence around the time of the shut down of ACORN; they have “lots of money”; and, they have a least one full time, paid community organizer. Kobach noted the uniqueness of this protest as it was not done in a public location where there would be guaranteed press, but it was done in the suburban neighborhood of his home with the specific intention of intimidating him. Luckily, he nor his family were at home as they would have been isolated.

According to Korbach, a police officer was dispatched to the scene at the beginning of the protest but the officer could not even exit his vehicle because of being overwhelmed by the mob.

“A police officer thinks it’s too dangerous outside standing with this mob – what about the homeowner?” Kobach asked.

Kobach has asked prosecutors to look into how the mob may have violated civil rights, explaining, “There called Klan Laws … a set of laws that say you cannot intimidate an official by trespassing on his property threatening violence, [and] you cannot intimidate an individual by threatening violence so that they don’t vote or don’t exercise their civil rights.”

Kobach said he will continue to combat illegal immigration but will have to “beef up” security for his family.

These are the tactics of the KKK used in the southern states decades ago. The KKK used protests, rallies and demonstrations at first; but later turned to violence and abhorrent crimes ignoring God’s laws and the laws of man. This organization inflicted injury on those they perceived as “inferior” and among individuals who had committed no wrong; this group stood as judge and jury dishing out “their” form of justice to “their” perceived wrongs.

No, these people outside Kris Kobach’s home weren’t in the white cloaks and pointed white hats; however, their tactics are essentially the same. If consequences for this behavior are not swift in coming, the behavior could escalate into violence and abhorrent crime. The left has now demonstrated the lengths they are willing to go to in order to promote their agenda.

They support the amnesty of individuals who broke the immigration laws of this country. Heck, give them time and they might just support amnesty for all the convicted felons currently serving prison terms. One has to pause and consider the question, “what laws and rights are the left willing to support when it seems they are unhappy with any current laws, whether man-made or commanded from God, or God-given rights?” Their beliefs and what they support changes with the wind or whatever ideological nonsense is pandered to them by those who fall for anything and stand for nothing.

They trample laws themselves as is evident by their actions on the property of Kris Kobach. Well, for them, the end justifies the means. For those individuals who combat to maintain our freedom, our American way of life; those who recognize God-given rights and Constitutional government, the left labels them as the problem and resorts to name calling. Like the KKK, the left bases its foundation on controversial ideology, emotional vulnerability and supposition more than fact; not that they would ever admit it. They then turn around and use an old psychological concept of “projection” by saying it is those who support fact and truth, believe and abide by God’s laws while denouncing ideologies that seek to destroy from within, and discern the person from the mindset as the perpetrators of hate, controversy and supposition.

In other words, if you don’t stand with them, you are against them and can expect to reap the benefits of “their” form of justice in response to “their” perceived wrongs. Does this have something in common with another ideology being pandered to the masses? The answer is, yes.

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