Kathleen Sebelius Spills Sewage in Congress – Will Someone Please Cap the Sewer Pipe?

Once upon a time I tried to use a plumber’s “snake” to unclog a sewer stoppage. Because I was not sufficiently observant and failed to take into consideration all possible factors and scenarios, the initial results of my effort was to fill the basement of my house with raw sewage about two feet deep or more.

The reason I mention that is because that experience left an indelible scar on my life experience; possibly second only to certain Vietnam War experiences. The bottom line is that to this day I still know sewage when I see and smell it.

d9bf0ff79581ae24410f6a706700a244This morning I steeled myself with a second cup of coffee so that I could be prepared to watch the congressional hearing with super star HHS Secretary Sebelius. I know sewage when I see it, and just like my last experience with a massive influx of sewage, I experienced an overwhelming urge to throw up. It was immediately obvious that the prolonged delay in getting this person in front of the cameras was nothing more than a stalling tactic to enable the Democrats to circle the wagons and to get the entire script written and distributed to all the players in this pathetic farce.

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The dysfunction of our so called “representatives” has never shown more brightly. The GOP folks appear to be asking pointed questions. The other side of the aisle uses its four minutes to make political statements. GOP asks questions, Democrats make speeches; and Ms. Sebelius is very, very good at following the script, and on more than one occasion basically said that since she has “affordable health care” she was not knowledgeable in all aspects of the law and/or the web site. Really? She has affordable health care? She has TAXPAYER PAYED HEALTH CARE. I worked in Hollywood for a number of years and I damned sure recognize a script when I see it. The hearings are a farce and non-productive.

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Let me share a personal experience with this abomination of bad legislation and worse systems engineering. My wife and I are both IT professionals with three quarters of a century experience between us across every platform ever built this side of the ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer). I am a disabled Veteran so I am not subject to the Affordable Care Act. The Veterans Administration health care in Las Vegas has some of the best doctors I have ever dealt with. The fact that a massive growth in my neck lingered for nine months before I could get an MRI authorized is just an inkling of things to come under the ACA.

My wife is in her early fifties and has not filed a claim on her health insurance since she was in a car accident nearly twenty years ago. Yet she received notice from her insurance company that her monthly premium would more than double. Being so motivated she decided to check into our state ACA offering.

Not only were all her efforts to do so thwarted by a non-functional web site, but during the process she was suddenly presented with all of the underlying code. Now it takes no more than a computer literate high school to take advantage of the insight provided by seeing the underlying source code. A Swiss cheese factory has less holes than does the information systems that make up the ACA information mining systems.

Ms. Sebelius basically just said, “What difference does it make?” It was not in those words, but in that vein. She basically said don’t worry about what is staring us in the face; i.e. “what difference does it make.”

“Affordable” means different things to different people. My wife and I live on a fixed income and not much else. My “New Car” is ten (10) years old and my truck is pushing fifteen (15) years old. Affording gas for both more than once a month is a stretch so I am not sure what we are going to be able to “afford” with respect to health insurance for my wife. Perhaps when you pay for nothing including your lunch (Congressional Lunch Room), and all your daily expenses are paid by We The People via exorbitant taxes, the term “affordable” has a different meaning. Lois Capps of California needs to sign up for Obamacare and see if her glowing praise holds as strong. And Michael Doyle, one of the most liberal members of Congress, just recounted how pleased he is that his son’s insurance costs were cut in half because of the ACA and TAXPAYER SUBSIDIES.

Enough. My wife of nearly thirty years and I have no children between us and are way passed the possibility. So why must we pay for birth control and maternity coverage that we have no need of? Yes there are “options” but they damned sure are not “affordable.”

And why is it that the Republicans are so grossly incapable of getting out the truth of this crime against a free people?

It is becoming more apparent that the potential of a “People’s Court” may well be on the horizon.

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