Left Wing Salon.com Maggot Justin Doolittle Attacks US Military for Sport

Recently, Justin Doolittle, a writer for the morally challenged website Salon.com, wrote an article titled, “Stop thanking the troops for me: No, they don’t “protect our freedoms,” claiming freedoms enshrined in US constitutional and statutory law are “no way dependent on the size, scope or even the existence of the US military. ”

After reading Mr. Doolittle’s vacuous attempt to take professional sports to task for honoring our military’s past and ongoing commitment to protecting American freedoms—and by extension, apparently offending Doolittle’s delicate and warped sensibilities—I took along deep breath and decided to use Freedom Outpost to respond to Mr. Doolittle.

Here I go.

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To borrow from an article I wrote back in February at Lastresistance.com:

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Justin Doolittle
Justin Doolittle
“War may be wrong, but sometimes it is necessary. No words can do justice to the courage and bravery any soldier displays when they face the violent aggression of Americas enemies. Most Americans have never faced the challenge of shaking off the overwhelming monster called fear that can swallow a soldier faced with combat. Somehow our veterans found a way—without regret—to honor their oath to defend America and with that a spoiled liberals right to be callous, arrogant and careless with their words.”

“Tens of thousands of our servicemen and women are dead, buried shoulder to shoulder in US Veteran Administration Cemeteries across our nation. Hundreds of thousands have returned from indescribable combat experiences, torn apart, stitched back together and expected to set aside the trauma they endured for us, horrors and tragedies that will haunt then forever, as they struggle to find a place in the country they no longer recognize. A country ruled by incompetent cowards that have never given a genuine thought to the honor of military service and the respect it should command from all civilians.”

All while Mr. Doolittle pecks away promoting his self-important drivel, on his uncensored internet with his gender challenged friends at Salon.com.

You see, Mr. Doolittle considers himself an “American of Conscience.” Doolittle does not support “those who volunteer to fight in wars of aggression” and he is offended by those (you and me) who criticize his version of freedom (unrestrained sexual activity, legal abortion, homosexual special rights) and his Patriotism. Evidently, Mr. Doolittle feels marginalized by those Americans who support our troops.

The definition of Patriotism is, “love or devotion to one’s country,” Mr. Doolittle., not love and devotion to self.

In this country Justin, love and devotion are commonly extended to those who volunteer to provide a human wall protecting your anti-American ideology from very real enemy aggression. Those who volunteer unselfishly—put themselves in harm’s way—so that you and I can enjoy our protected freedoms at home.

Whether I like it or not, that includes your freedom to pontificate gutlessly and to act like a braying ass.

Blood has been and will continue to spill for you, me and our freedoms, Justin. Moreover, you are a coward of the worst kind; the kind of coward reminiscent of those that gathered at airports to spit on returning soldiers in the sixties and seventies. You are a coward just like your benefactors at Salon.com.

Clearly, Justin, my version of America freedom is different from yours. Mine includes responsibility, loyalty, and humility. I believe I owe a debt to our military. A debt that I will never be able to repay. Saying thanks is a token gesture of gratitude for their very real sacrifices. You think that is beneath your exceptional moral code? Your haughtiness is exposed, and your vitriol is failing you.

“Any time you feel compelled to observe your unearned first amendment rights to degrade our veterans and military service; don’t let the door hit you where the good lord split you. Moreover, the next time you trivialize veteran’s suicides, I would recommend that you consider clogging your obnoxious pie hole with a carefully selected firearm. Sounds like you could benefit from a lesson in what is feels like to consider choosing the finality of death over the prolonged desperation found on a liberal society’s chilly shoulder.”

Anytime you want to take it outside Justin, give me a call. I will be happy to educate you and the staff at Salon.com all about respect and Patriotism, face to face. You are a disgrace.

Note: The picture previously presented in the article was not Justin Doolittle. Our apologies for the inaccurate picture.

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