Just Following Orders? An Open Letter to Our US Military & Their Families

Those who support those who serve also serve. We The People support those who serve to:

“…support and defend the Constitution of the United States and the State (your state) against all enemies, foreign and domestic;” – From the Military Oath of Enlistment

004-0207071013-naziI am a two tour Vietnam Combat Disabled Veteran. My sister is a Vietnam Era Veteran. My Father is a Vietnam Veteran and my Father is a Korean War Veteran. I am a former United States Army Recruiter. My Father was MY U.S. Army Recruiter. And I was a drill instructor at Fort Leonard Wood (Fort Lost In The Woods, aka: Little Korea).  If that is not sufficient credentials for you then you might as well hang up your uniforms and march you and your family to the much rumored FEMA camps now and beat the rush.

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As a group, there is none that abhors violence and warfare more than do the Combat Veterans and their families. Been there, done that.

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As an Army recruiter, I saw less than a handful of reasons for young people to join the military. Some simply wanted to get out of an uncomfortable home life. Some had stars in their eyes and sought a more exciting life than what might be offered in Smallville America. Some simply were too damned proud to ask anything from anybody and chose the military as a means of supporting their families. And very rarely there were those that truly felt an obligation to serve on the front lines of defense of this once great nation and what it once stood for. All of the above, in part, were my motivations for joining the United States Army – four days out of high school – and I never looked back.

I don’t have a formal education but have taught at the college level. And lacking that formal education, I was driven to read – especially HISTORY.

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”
George Santayana (1863 -1952)

That simple truth is the single major reason why those who are committed to destroying this once great nation have removed all relevant AMERICAN history from our schools.

Having lived in about two dozen countries as a civilian, I have lived under a wide variety of governments to include Autocracies, Theocracies, Socialist and Communist and various forms of self-proclaimed “Democracies”. And this I can tell you with absolute certainty – there is no form of government on the face of this earth that comes close to the form of government sculpted by the Constitution of the United States of America.

Being a member of our military is serious business in the very best of times. Being a member of the military in these uncertain times is fraught with grave dangers for the service member as well as for their families.  I am sure that someone will point out that what follows the first section of the military oath (above) is:

“…and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God.”

Some might see these two joined phrases as possibly conflicting with each other under certain circumstances. Nothing could be further from the truth.
The “Oath of Enlistment” is a “Mission Statement” with objectives placed in order of priority.

First and foremost is the portion of the oath that states:

“…support and defend the Constitution of the United States and the State (your state) against all enemies, foreign and domestic;”

In the era of the Vietnam War, those of us who took the oath of enlistment were “schooled” repeatedly in the Geneva Convention of 1949. Somehow I suspect that is not so much the case anymore.  Now that YOU, a member of our military have sworn before God to defend our Constitution, ask yourself this very serious question: What do you actually know and understand about our Constitution? The honest answer would be: Not enough.

Then EDUCATE yourself!

Read “The Federalist Papers,” a collection of eighty five (85) articles and essays penned by Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay, who were the true framers of our Constitution. (The Federalist Papers and the Kindle Reader are free downloads from Amazon.com.) You need to do this so that you can fully understand the thought processes of these remarkable men in the formation of our government. THEN read the Constitution. Then read it again.

Once you have thoroughly educated yourself, your mind may well be a swirl with dark and foreboding thoughts given the nature of the indoctrination that some of our military are being subjected to in recent times. Years ago, in the times of my Father and me, it was called “brainwashing.”

Right about now, assuming that you have done your homework, your mind should be dancing around that troublesome phrase: “Lawful Order.” This is where knowing your history becomes useful.

The Third Infantry Division, whose stated mission is the defense of the nation’s capital, is stationed at nearby Fort Meyer Virginia.  In 1968 five days of rioting broke out in Washington D.C. following the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King.

So which military units were deployed to defend the capital?

It damned sure was not “The Third Herd.” It was units from the 101st and 82nd Airborne divisions out of Fort Bragg.

Hold that thought.

Jump forward about thirty years. Do you recall that unforgettable image of “The Tank Man of Tiananmen Square”? My wife is Chinese, so my sources are a bit more reliable than the American propaganda machine. Those tanks? Do you believe for a moment they were from the military unit stationed in Beijing whose assigned primary mission is “defense of the capital (Beijing)”? Nope. They were drawn in from units up on the northern border with Mongolia.

So… you can relax. Right?

You most likely will not be ordered to fire on your friends, your neighbors, and possibly your own families. BUT…you may well be ordered to fire on other American citizens, to include the families of other members of the military...for demanding that YOU KEEP YOUR OATH to “…defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

It is not a closely guarded secret that the current unlawful regime in Washington has been purging our military of its strength – starting with anything that resembles educated leadership – and replacing them with “properly educated” (brainwashed) political operatives.

Ask yourself this:

How is it possible that those who are willing to place themselves and their families in harm’s way in order to uphold the same oath that we all took, the same oath that you and I took, be considered “Terrorists”? Or a “danger to our country”?

And that “Lawful Order” thing? What is your primary mission?

To defend the Constitution of the United States….  NOT to prop up an unlawful regime.

The “Nuremberg Trials” following World War II put to rest any hope of “Just following orders” as a defense. There is no defense in that position.

While you are pondering all of this, you should also ponder other lessons of history.

It was a coalition of Jewish businessmen that successfully backed Adolph Hitler’s grab for power, and all were rewarded with their own personal invitations to the gas chambers; along with their families.

Joseph Stalin, surrounded himself with all of his “homies,” who ruthlessly backed his rise to power, and he thanked them all for their support with one way tickets for themselves and their families to the Siberian Gulags never to be seen again; along with tens of millions of Russian citizens who might have dared to speak out against his rule. Read and understand the elements of “The Great Purge” in Russia and tell yourself that you do not see history preparing to repeat itself. The same was true with Mao Tse Tung in the People’s Republic of China.

During WWII, the resistance forces in a number of countries reportedly formed “People’s Courts” in which “collaborators”, i.e. those former members of the local political machine, constabulary and “national guard” types who attacked the local populations or otherwise assisted the oppressors were tried for treason. Justice was always swift and often visited upon the families of those convicted; specifically those who chose not to uphold their oath of service to their communities and to their nation.

Our Constitution has saved this country from such horrific pain and suffering by its people on a nationwide basis. Up until now.

As the regime in Washington grows bolder and more aggressive against the American people, undercurrents are dark and foreboding throughout this once proud and great land of freedom loving people. As the voices of We The People continue to cry out in ever increasing protest at the abrogation of our Constitution, the illegal regime in Washington escalates its deafening storm of propaganda and misinformation while it prepares to turn our military against us at so many levels.

I would say this to the families and loved ones of our military:

You have sacrificed much in your support of our military members; your husbands and wives, sons and daughters. 
As a rule, all of you are proud to tell the world just how proud you truly are of their service to God and Country; and rightly so. 

And I would ask you: How proud would you be if your loved one chose to abandon their oath to defend our Constitution and hide behind the scurrilous defense that they “were just following orders” when they fired upon fellow citizens; your friends and neighbors and their children? Talk to your family members and their families and their friends about this subject and avoid all vitreous political dogma; stay close to the core of the question: Constitution vs. Washington Regime.

And I would say this to the members of our military:

Do Your Homework!
Understand fully the meaning of the oath that you have taken.

And resolve in your hearts and minds that any order to fire upon your own people, your own neighbors and the families of your fellow soldiers, sailors, and marines is by definition an illegal order.

Look to Egypt for a lesson from recent history as to what it truly means to be patriotic.

Egypt was once the rock of stability and prosperity in that part of the world. Their constitution was modeled after our own.  When our once solid ally was thrown under the bus by the ignorant regime in Washington, the void was filled by a terrorist regime whose first dictate was to abolish the long standing Constitution of Egypt.  The Egyptian military stood strong behind the oath they took defend their constitution, restored that constitution as the supreme law of the land, and now serve as the interim government until order can be restored and those who would destroy that once great nation are driven from their land.

We The People stand proudly with those who stand with us in the defense of our Constitution and the American way of life.

May God bless and protect you and your families and may God bless America – again.

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