Just Enough Wacko Joes

As if we don’t already get enough gut-busting humor from Vice President Joe Biden, now we’re also treated to real rib-ticklers from another Joe, Colorado State Rep. Joe Salazar. It would all be riotously funny if the subject wasn’t so deadly serious, and if the ideology of these fellows wasn’t so contrary to our traditional American values.

First, Wacko Joe Biden conducts investigative meetings at the White House as part of a “gun control task force” for President Obama. Wacko Joe met with interested parties to determine the proper legislative and executive actions needed to ensure there was never another tragedy like Columbine, Virginia Tech, Tucson, Aurora or Newtown. Unfortunately, we soon understood there was no need for this task force, since all necessary actions were pre-defined. The legislation was written and the executive orders were drawn up long before these meetings ever started. We know this because there was virtually zero time between the end of the meetings and the announcements of Mr. Obama’s executive actions. No input was actually needed from Hollywood, the computer gaming industry, the mental health industry, or the NRA. Isn’t that delightful to know? The Administration and a few folks in the US Senate are so brilliant and insightful that real public input was superfluous! They’ve got it covered for us. So, all the task force histrionics from Wacko Joe were just for the TV cameras and the liberal base.

The White House even had the obligatory Obama Speech to the Nation planned in advance, right down to the cast of small children (aka “stage props”) and grieving Newtown parents. If only some of the promises for improved safety made by Mr. Obama to those children and parents could possibly be kept. But as usual, Mr. Obama was lying directly into their faces. In case you were hiding under a rock through all of this, the White House rolled out 23 Executive Orders. Sen. Diane Feinstein brushed off her old ’94 bill banning assault weapons and hi-capacity magazines. But virtually nothing implementing real school security or real community mental health system improvements was offered. No matter what, the Democrats were going to capitalize on the unimaginable grief of others to confiscate legal firearms used for legal purposes, from legal gun owners. In the words of the Sage of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel, “Never let a serious crisis go to waste.” Sadly, none of these orders or legislation will do anything but put the lives and property of honest citizens at greater risk of death, theft, or vandalism at the hands of heavily armed thugs.

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Fast forward to February 18th. Now we get Democrat state Rep. Joe Salazar adding a Colorado slant to this pre-defined “gun control solution”. Wacko Joe Salazar tells us that there is no need for young university women in Colorado to be armed for self-protection while walking across campus at night. Apparently, all they need is “…call boxes…safe zones…(and) whistles.” He believes they are more likely to shoot someone by accident than to protect themselves successfully from a rapist. Of course, now he’s desperately trying to “walk back” all his arrogant foolishness. But honestly, why bother? His statements from the floor of the legislature reflect exactly the attitude of most Democrats about preventing women (or men, for that matter) from protecting themselves with a firearm. Their constant lament is “you don’t need an AR-15” or “why would anyone want a handgun on campus?” Instead, thoughtful Americans should be demanding their 2nd Amendment right to ensure real security against a campus rapist, an over-zealous, fascist government, or a deranged mass-murderer.

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Since the Salazar commentary was apparently insufficient, we soon saw Wacko Joe Biden dispensing still more wisdom to the ladies. “Get a double-barrel shotgun… 12 gauge” Again, he dictates with complete authority, “you don’t need an AR-15” and “you don’t need 30 rounds”. Wacko Joe knows more about you, your physical strength, your neighborhood layout, the crime statistics around your home, the number and ages of your children, the number of assailants you’ll face, how they will be armed, and your experience with firearms than you could possibly know, yourself. Obviously, you’ll have no trouble lifting and swinging around a double-barrel 12-gauge. After you’ve fired off both shells to scare off the assailants (per Wacko Joe’s directions), you’ll have no trouble quickly finding two more shells and re-loading before three guys charge into your bedroom and shoot you dead with the handguns they’ve used dozens of times.

What is the end game of all this Democrat gun-control hyperventilating? Obviously, these folks want to disarm all the honest, law-abiding, gun-owning citizens, so that armed thugs can inflict whatever murder, theft or damage they choose, on you, your family, or your property. Those 23 executive orders, the many other orders and regulations yet to be written, and the Feinstein legislation (if passed) will have no bearing whatsoever on criminals. Thugs will ignore all legal restrictions. It’s what they do. Gun control is just a convenient way for Marxists in the Democratic party to shift political power, money, and quality of life away from decent folks who earned such things to thugs who are willing to steal them.

Democrats didn’t have to make this stuff up all by themselves. It came right from Marx’s Communist Manifesto, Chapter 2, “Proletarians and Communists”. Here are the first four items in Marx’s list of ten actions needed to convert a capitalist society to Communism:

  1. Abolition of property in land and application of all rents of land to public purposes.
  2. A heavy progressive or graduated income tax.
  3. Abolition of all rights of inheritance.
  4. Confiscation of the property of all emigrants and rebels.

Please note that the first part of Action 1 is being accomplished by government takeovers of private property by establishing federal Monuments, and also by the EPA, the Corps of Engineers and the Department of Interior as they enforce “navigable waters” and “wetlands” provisions under the Clean Water Act. For Action 2, just think how many times Obama and the congressional Democrats have demanded ever-higher taxes to be levied on “the rich”. Voila! A heavy progressive income tax! And Action 3, well that’s covered nicely by the Death Tax the Democrats do so love. Year by year, they are getting that one, too. And of course, Action 4 could be accomplished by a takeover of disarmed, honest citizens by armed thugs. We decent folks would be, in Marxist Obama’s mind, the “rebels”.

Do most Democrats understand this? Of course not! They are “useful idiots” being used by the hard-core communists in the Obama administration. It’s just gun control, right? It’s for the children! How could anyone be against that?

Is it any wonder the Democrats have used their “Wacko Joes” to roll this stuff out? They can’t be serious, right?

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