Just who does the Bureau of Land Management owe it’s Allegiance to?

America, on Saturday we witnessed an amazing thing. The efforts of likeminded patriots who are fed up with the federal government’s usurpation of our sovereign authority paid off as the feds were forced to back off the Bundy ranch. Not only was there a significant number of people who responded by showing up in person, while thousands of others headed in that direction, the efforts of the new media played a role as well. Many writers were on top of this situation ready to write on the latest developments, including the revelation that Harry Reid was involved with the Chinese, selling them land so they could build their own solar power plants. There is no doubt this effort kept the boots on the ground informed of the latest intelligence. All in all, it was an amazing effort on the part of the patriots to let the federal leviathan know that we have had enough, period. Unfortunately, I am going to have to agree with Tim Brown and say that the illusion of the feds backing off was just that, an illusion.

Many of us realize that this situation is likely far from over. We will see another escalation over this situation for sure, especially if the part about Reid and the Chinese is true. What bothers me the most about this situation America is the fact that there are people who see no wrong in the federal government’s actions. There are people who believe the government narrative that Bundy deserved this because he owed back taxes. That is indicative of the many topics I generally write about concerning the indoctrination that takes place in public schools. While there were many patriots who were actively involved on the internet, there were also those that were literally calling for the government to wipe out the protesters. For these people, the government is the end all be all authority in their lives, and because they have likely become completely dependent upon government entitlements, they will never question their motivations. Also, as I have pointed out in my article A crisis that will not be going to waste, this situation is certainly going to contribute to the ongoing global efforts to disarm American citizens. Tim Brown cites an investigator who is making the same claim. Finally, never forget that the federal government issued this report which calls people defending the constitution, terrorists. It is highly likely that this event is just a warm up in the end game of discrediting and dehumanizing the patriot movement.

I wanted to talk about the Bureau of Land Management and the fact that, like other alphabet agencies, it is an unconstitutional entity. It is unconstitutional in the sense that nowhere in the Constitution does the federal government have the power to create such agencies that are unaccountable to the people. In fact the Bureau of Land Management, according to Godlike productions, is considered an agent of foreign principle, meaning that they have no loyalty whatsoever to the United States and are, in fact, working for foreign entities. Just who does this unconstitutional government agency owe its allegiance to? According to Steve Quayle it is a London military banking cartel known as the Crown Corporation. Let me say this again, it is an English banking cartel that is issuing orders to many of these agencies.

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If this is true, it would essentially prove the idea of a one world government conspiracy. As sovereign United States citizens we are under no obligation to follow unconstitutional laws. We are the authority the government draws its governing power from, and I don’t remember telling them to give my sovereignty, my rights and my country over to Communist entities like this banking cartel, or the U.N. for that matter. I wrote in an article entitled Liberty depends upon “informed” consent of the governed that the Constitution allows for a process of change and only by giving government consent do they have authority to change it. Silence is just as good a sign of consent than anything else folks. By not exercising your constitutional responsibilities to defend liberty and hold government accountable, you are giving them permission to usurp your God given rights to self-governance. For those of you who believe you will be safe and snug because you never questioned government when this whole thing comes crashing down just remember this; when they came for the gypsy’s I said nothing because I wasn’t a gypsy, when they came for the Jews I said nothing because I wasn’t a Jew. When they finally came for me, there was no one left to say anything at all.

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